external “Polaroid’s First Camera Caused Black Friday Pandemonium 65 Years Ago” —Gizmodo

Polaroid is a non-entity these days, but instant photography lives on in the digital photos we produce at dazzling speeds. We’re addicted, and that’s what made Polaroid the hottest tech company in the world when its first blockbuster consumer product, the Model 95 Land Camera, went on sale. That was 65 years ago on Black Friday, November 26th, 1948.

Back in 1948, Black Friday wasn’t the vicious consumer hell that it is today—it wasn’t even called Black Friday. But it was still a frenetic shopping day right after Thanksgiving, and the symbolic beginning of the holiday season. If anything, the mad dash for the Land Camera that year foreshadowed the madness we experience during our contemporary shopping orgies.

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