external A Photography Website’s eCommerce Nightmare —The Online Photographer

November 2013 has been perhaps the worst month I’ve been through in more than twenty years online. I am stuck in a nightmare I can’t seem to get out of.

As you might recall, for our most recent print sale, I set up our own web page with a shopping cart, called “” I did everything through a service called Volusion. Volusion, Inc., is based in Austin, Texas. I found them online; they seemed to check out, as far as I could tell…

Then we had our sale. At that point — AFTER THE SALE WAS OVER — Volusion decided they didn’t like my business model. They decided I was untrustworthy. They said I was a risk to them. And they informed me they weren’t going to hand over the money.

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  • harumph

    Volusion is notoriously awful. The first rule of setting up an ecommerce site is Don’t Use Volusion.