external Thoughts on Why the Morel Verdict Isn’t a Great Win for Copyright Infringement —Thoughts of a Bohemian

The Gods of copyright are satiated. With the recent judgement calling for AFP and Getty Images to disburse $1.2 million to Mr. Morel for copyright infringement, they have been offered reverence. Or have they? …

AFP and Getty are both image distributors and are the first to suffer from infringements. Getty has bought into advance technology, as well as massive resources, to fight continuous assaults on photography’s rights… Thus, this is a slap on the hand of one , if the not the most dedicated photography copyright enforcer in the world.

Pinterest is not worried about this judgement, nor are thousands upon thousands of websites that continuously use photographs without proper approval. Flickr, or Tumblr — you pick — are currently hosting thousands, if not millions of illegal images. right now. (including probably, ironically, Morel’s images). They don’t get caught, judged or punished. In fact, they are valued at billions of dollars. Do they do anything to educate or protect copyright? Nope. Nor do they care.

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