Humor: Walmart Warns You of Flammable Liquids in Your Canon P&S’s Tanks…


This one is just too silly not to share. While browsing through Walmart’s website looking for deals to share with their readers, the folks over at 1001 Noisy Cameras ran across a strange warning.

When they tried to put the Canon Elph 115 IS into their cart to see the discounted price, a warning popped up that read:

Due to federal restrictions, this item cannot be returned by mail. Before returning the item to your local Walmart store, please be certain that all tanks are completely empty of all flammable liquids, if applicable.

True, we don’t cover point and shoots a lot, but when did Canon start adding tanks of flammable liquid!? According to 1001 Noisy Cameras, the warning was coming up right after clicking the orange “Add to Cart” button, but it looks like Walmart has since fixed the problem.

  • Mike

    I’d understand if it was a D600 with it’s tanks of oil splatter supply.

  • dano

    Wow, did you come up with that all by yourself?

  • Mike

    Well, not really. I’ve had a lot of help from Nikon’s engineers to come up with that.

  • dano

    Definitely shows you share their sense of unfunny humor.

  • Todd Klassy

    Um, lithium-ion batteries have a great deal of restrictions related to them before they can be shipped. When you receive one in the mail from Walmart, Canon, et. al. they in likelihood for the regulations for shipping them. The average consumer when returning an item probably does not. This disclaimer probably absolves Walmart of any responsibility related to the lithium-ion battery in case a consumer elects to return this camera (which comes with a lithium-ion battery) and is probably a byproduct of Walmart’s legal team.

  • Mike

    Your tears are delicious.
    Don’t forget to buy more cameras!

  • junyo

    Indeed. Walmart’s inventory system undoubtedly has a “hazardous materials” flag – which shippers require because of their regulatory compliance – with a couple of qualifiers. That gets passed along to the eCom system with a bit of logic that dictates which bit of boilerplate will be displayed to notify the customer of return restrictions. Someone just checked the wrong flag or qualifier for that item.

  • Dano

    what tears?