French Newspaper Photographer Gravely Wounded in Gunman’s Rampage


A photographer at French newspaper Libération is currently fighting for his life after being shot Monday as part of a gunman’s extended rampage through the French capital of Paris.

The unnamed photographer, a 27-year-old freelancer, was shot in the heart and arm shortly after a gunman entered the newspaper’s Parisian office. He is currently in intensive care at a Parisian hospital and described as “gravely” wounded.

The tragedy comes only a few days after Libération, a leftist publication launched by influential intellectual Jean-Paul Sartre, took a gutsy stand for the embattled photojournalism profession by publishing an issue devoid of photos, highlighting the contribution photographers make.


Libération vows an eternal gratitude to photography,” the paper declared, “whether produced by photojournalists, fashion photographers, portraitists, or conceptual artists … because photography takes the pulse of our world.”

Police were still searching Monday night (Paris time) for the gunman, who they believe was responsible for three other attacks around the French capital. He may also be the same man who burst into a French television station three days earlier and threatened journalists there with a rifle.

Interior Minister Manuel Valls told the AP that the government has stepped up police presence at all major media outlets in Paris in the wake of the incidents.

(via ABC News)

Image credits: Security camera image released by the Police

  • Azety

    Dont know how to say it exactly ( sorry for bad english ), but the guy is not a photographer, is the assistant of photographer, and not for the newspaper but for the weekly magazine ( fashion, lifestyle and stuff ) of the newspaper.
    Doctors dont know if he will survive.
    Shooter was in BFM TV ( live info tv like CNN ) and in a bank too ( Société générale ).
    We all think that this guy is mad about politic or personnals problems.
    Someone who lost everything with crisis, or someome mad against our socialist governement, nowadays people from right-wing ( populist, neo-nazi, and stuff like this ) are very popular in Europa because of crisis.

  • jkantor267

    Luckily there’s no shortage of photographers.

  • polly

    Events like this just prove how useless our police forces are in the developed world. It’s easier today to commit a random crime of violence and get away with it, then it’s ever been.

    It’s about time lives were saved by bringing back real punishment, and real police forces. When you kill someone or rape someone, you destroy their lives and their families lives. What right do you claim to have to “human rights” you give that up the moment you take away someone elses.

  • Kenael

    “nowadays people from right-wing ( populist, neo-nazi, and stuff like this )”, definitely not, it’s like saying “people from left-wing are communists”. But I agree with the idea that he’s mad and angry against the government and the media which are, generally, close to the left-wing.

  • Rnld

    are you serious?

  • Azety

    Look profile picture.

  • Azety

    There is no more communists or ” LEFT-wing ” in France. Left is dead.

  • John Kenealy

    Luckily there is no shortage of trolls. So one day when you say something insensitive in real life to get a reaction and someone takes it the wrong way and kills you, another troll will just take your place.

    Have a nice day!