external “Camerapocalypse: How Photography’s Titans Will Survive Smartphones” —Digital Trends

It’s absolutely no secret what is pushing the traditional camera business off the cliff – the smartphone. While sales of photo/video capturing smartphones continue to soar, the appeal of classic point-and-shoot digicams is evaporating.

Another analyst told us sales of aim-and-forget cameras are on a downhill ski-slope with no end in sight. How bad is it? At the peak just a few years ago, over 35 million cameras were sold. We were told the number for 2013 might be 14 million — or less.

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  • Cinekpol

    Good text. Certainly much better than last few “aaaaa… DSLRs gonna die!” BS theories.

  • Pete Ferling

    I love DSLR’s but I’m no fool. Corporations survive for one purpose: to make a profit. If you plot the sales trends for DLSRs and they’re heading south fast, then there are two choices: Ignorance (hello Kodak), or retool and make products that customers will buy. The numbers don’t lie. It’s that simple.

  • Scotty

    People who have spent a good portion of their lives mastering photography will hate this, but the future is surely in extremely user friendly cameras that take amazing ‘pro’ quality photos without having to understand the complex technical side that we all love. Simple interfaces and preset filters and settings e.t.c. Much like what happened with computers, early on you had to be a programming nerd to get anything out of them, now it is all about simple user friendly programming, anyone can build a website with the right program. If camera manufacturers write the right programs, and get their interfaces spot on, everyone will buy them. Without this they can forget about selling to the masses(i.e. making money).