external “The Graying of Traditional Photography…” —The Visual Science Lab

On the last day of the PhotoPlus Expo I finally got why the camera industry has hit the wall and may never come back again in the same way. The folks who love cameras for the sake of cameras, and all the nostalgic feelings they evoke … are graying, getting old and steadily shrinking in numbers…

This is not to say that photography is dying. Or that the generations coming behind us are doomed to failure and despair; far from it. They are living the golden age of photography from their perspective, and their heroes in the field are names we don’t even know…

It’s no longer enough to get something in focus, well exposed and color correct. It’s no longer good enough to fix all the “flaws” in Photoshop. What the important audience wants now is the narrative, the story, the “why” and not the “how.” The love, not the schematic.

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  • MickO

    I don’t always agree with Mr. Tuck, but this is one of the best things he has written. A wonderful read.

  • Pete Ferling

    First it was MF vs. 35mm as a professional medium, then it was film vs. digital, and now cell phones vs. everything. Everyone wants to be relevant in a world of change. Let’s be honest, I’ve used all those things past and I don’t miss them. Each new trend has brought tools that made my life and job easier. If I were to take both my Canon 7D, or even the Pany LX3 and a laptop back in time with me, I would have died and gone to heaven. So what’s so wrong about all this change today? Hint: The change itself is not the problem. :)

    Mr. Tuck is correct.