Alleged Credit Card Thieves Nabbed After They Instagram Carl’s Jr. Bounty


Sure, Instagram has provided some folks with a ready-made market for selling illegal items or doing unsavory things, but the photo sharing services has also expanded the boundaries of how incompetent a crook can be.

Take the case of four auto burglary suspects in the Sacramento, CA area who were nabbed a few hours after the alleged crime, partly because they uploaded photos to Instagram of a Carl’s Jr. pig-out purchased with a credit car taken from one of the burglarized cars.

The break-in happened Saturday evening and was quickly discovered by the owner of one of the vehicles, who promptly reported her stolen credit cards. That’s when she learned that one of the missing cards had just been used to buy a $120 worth of heartburn at a nearby Carl’s Jr.

Restaurant employees, struck by the humongous order and the odd behavior of the patrons, recorded the license plate of the car and even Instagrammed a copy of the receipt. From there, it just took a little sleuthing to match up that information with a recent Instagram post showing a couple of dudes with the back of their car piled high with fast food.

By Sunday evening, the four suspects were in jail. “I think they’re kind of stupid,” restaurant worker Katelyn Hubick summed up for The Sacramento Bee. “I think social networking is helping to catch people.”

No word on how they’re doing with digesting a combined haul of 12 sandwiches, three quesadillas, five tacos, six orders of fries and five shakes.

(via The Sacramento Bee)

  • Alex Tardif

    Anyone here read Freakonomics? The part about naming your kids? Do a search on Leroy Jackson, for instance…nothing but mugshots, ha! Dipshits…

  • Christian DeBaun

    Not much of a photography connection with this story at all.

  • Jay

    Yes, because Instagram is totally not about photography.

  • Christian DeBaun

    Um, but they aren’t photographers – and I don’t think many of us care about their photo, or their criminal activity (shrug).

  • Jay

    Who cares if *they* are photographers? There is a clear connection to photography in this story, which you said there wasn’t. So quite obviously, you’re wrong.

    And it’s interesting that you assume you know what “many of us” care for or don’t care for…

    But hey, like I’ve said to others before, you can always ask PetaPixel to refund your money.

  • Fryoyo

    Obviously you do by commenting in this story.

  • Dover

    The connection of photography to this article is pretty weak. Yes, of course there is a small tenuous thread that can kind of make this a story about photography, but you and I both know that Christian DeBaun was pretty much right on target. He made a comment that was basically right, and you are getting all petulant about it.

  • Jay

    You’re sounding pretty defensive.

    “you and I both know that Christinan DeBaun was pretty much right on target”
    Christian DeBaun, is that you writing as “Dover”?


  • Dover

    Bwahaha? People still say that on the internet? I thought that was old five years ago.

    You can assume I am Mr DeBaun all you want. That won’t change the fact that he has said something measured and sensible. And you have only added…….’bwahaha’. If you thought as much as you reacted, people might take you more seriously.