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Following on the heels of the revolutionary Nikon DF, the Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the fashionable DFB – the Burberry Edition, a Nikon FX digital SLR camera. The stylish DFB literally screams “Do more with less, but look sharp while doing it!”

The DFB features the beloved 12.1 MP sensor from the Nikon D3 and D700. The file sizes produced by the DFB will be a welcome relief to those who demand smaller file sizes and less photographic detail, and are genuinely concerned about conserving hard drive space.

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  • J Michael Sullivan

    that’s something only Hasselblad would attempt! ;)

  • Colin Peddle

    Soooooo someone barfed on a batch of Df’s and Nikon decided to call them Burberry Editions? lulz.

  • Scott M.

    Haha! Pretty funny. I demand less resolution! And 2 low pass filters too.

  • fads

    because all photographers need a bagilion of megapix. wow! I manage my life just fine with 20mpix or 14mpix foveon. Or use a medium format analogue camera. Only once in my life i came across wanting more. But would probably go for large format at that point, but the prints turned out to be satisfactory with 20mpix and in 1,6meters per 4meter print. So… why is this camera bad, again?

  • sam

    lol… but split screen is definitely welcome

  • wayne

    I hope it comes in M42 screw mount.