external Photographers, Stop Taking Photos on Railroad Tracks! —The Online Photographer

All train tracks, whether active or not, are private property. They can’t even legally be crossed on foot except at designated crossings. Police officers can not only give you a ticket and a fine for doing so, but can actually arrest you and haul you in. And the railroads have their own police, who are authorized to do the same.

The fines can be stiff, too. One outraged blogger learned her $6,000 fine was part of a media event surrounding the little-known International Level Crossing Awareness Day, but even ordinary average run-of-the-mill fines can run up to $2,000.

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  • bob cooley

    That would end about 40% of all beginning photography (hey – not pulling punches here, my first year of shooting was full of railroad tracks) – they are just such interesting subjects, interesting design elements, and a part of Americana that people love to shoot.

  • Matt

    Don’t play on the tracks. In October 2013, one person was killed and another nearly was after a train hit them in Kennewick, WA. Don’t just say you’ll pay attention — stay off the tracks.

  • Mick O

    Yes, and then of course no photography on roads or streets. It’s not legal to stop in public right of way like that! A car could kill you. YOU COULD DIE! Never photograph anywhere that you might possibly die! Ever!