Rumor: Nikon to Announce a Retro-Styled Full-Frame in the Next Three Weeks


There’s no denying that the Sony a7 and a7R made quite the splash in the photographic industry both before and after their official arrival. With full-frame sensors, a mirrorless design and price tags that make at least the a7 cheaper than even the most affordable full-frame alternatives, Sony hit the trifecta.

But a new rumor seems to indicate that Nikon, at least, wants to get in on some of the action by releasing a new retro-styled full-frame that will compete directly with Sony’s offerings.

All of the following information comes from Nikon Rumors and, before we go any further, we should mention that it doesn’t seem this camera will be mirrorless. Nikon is calling it a “hybrid camera,” and it may be Nikon’s answer to the a7’s styling (and hopefully price).

The new camera is rumored to sport the same sensor as the Nikon D4

The new camera is rumored to sport the same sensor as the Nikon D4

Specs, according to NR, are as follows: the same 16.2-megapixel full-frame sensor found in the D4, a pentaprism viewfinder (hence the assumption that this will not be a mirrorless camera), an Expeed 3 processor, a 3.2-inch LCD screen, native ISO of 100-12,800 and 5.5fps continuous shooting for up to 100 shots.

The styling is said to be similar to the old Nikon FM2 pictured at the top, and some late-breaking specs indicate that it will sport a standard F-Mount and ship with the rumored 50mm f/1.8G lens, which will match the retro styling.

For now that’s about all we know. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more info comes down the pipeline but, thankfully, we shouldn’t have to wait long for official news. According to NR, the camera could be announced as early as this coming week at the PhotoPlus Expo.

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • Spider- Man

    and just like that I am back into credit card debt LOL

  • Tim

    Copy-cats win no prizes, especially when even the crudest of metrics (number of megapixels) is less…

  • Jurgen!


  • Rob Simpson

    For the price why wouldn’t people just buy a decent dslr? It has the same price point and negligible size and weight differences. I’m ready for Nikon to start competing with the X100S and similar compacts instead of trying to win “the best non-dslr with dslr specs” category.

  • ccccc

    AHAH its like d800 vs d4 who do you tink will win? ever try a canon 1dx or a d4? sony fanboy

  • Teun

    So this Nikon camera will ship with a Canon lens? I just don’t think so.

  • Chris

    Yeah, unless Im missing something (like it will cost <$1500, or its got some amazing feature), I cant see the advantage of this over a D610 or a 6D. It's the same size, with worse ergonomics.

  • Renato Murakami

    I kinda missed the point where this is rivaling Sony’s A7. If it has a pentaprism and has the shape and form of a regular dSLR, isn’t it rivaling other full frame dSLRs alone?

  • hiooo


  • gerfa

    lol! ora a nikon 105 2.5 afghan girl lens?

  • Scott

    This is going to be an SLR from the info they gave you in the article. Pentaprism.

  • ettventer

    Negligible size and weight differences? The size and weight difference between a D4 and an FM2 are negligible?

  • 3443

    sorry but that rumor is BS

  • Colin Peddle

    But we want it to be true!!! SO IT MUST!!

  • Colin Peddle

    People complain a lot about the size of the files coming off these 36mp beasts, self included. I use it for the wedding formals and that’s it. For street and casual photography, no one needs more then 12mp really. 16 is the sweet spot, especially when you consider the frame rate that goes with a 36mp vs. a 16mp camera. I’d rather be capable of 5-6fps then 1-3fps.

    The megapixel war ended long ago.

    Also, copycats win no prizes? Apple wasn’t first with the iPod IIRC and they were predicted to do very poorly with it.

  • Richard Lurie

    Uh– that rumored 50 mm lens is a Canon lens.

  • Killroy™

    Unless its a perfect copy of the FM2 (same controls and layouts for the top) I don’t think Nikon should call it “retro”. I would love a simple mostly manual camera (A mode is OK) with very little automation as far as the digital file. Let it shoot RAW only (I know I lost 95% of people there), with a nice bright and clean split-prism focusing screen (k-type), 100% viewfinder, needle meter indicator, and please leave the film advance lever on the body (I am sure most of us used the film lever on the FM2 to steady the camera).

    I wouldn’t mind they leave the obnoxiously loud mirror box of the FM2 to really seal the retro feel. I still get that warm happy feeling every time I hear that clunky loud shutter/mirror release on the FM2/FE2.

  • K S B

    I’m sorry but Nikon has been in photography longer than Sony ever will be.

  • K S B

    Did you even read the same article?

  • harumph

    They lost me at the D4 sensor. Unless it’s dirt cheap.

  • ɯɐן ǝɔuɐɹɹǝʇ

    There’s a rumor floating around that Canon is going to come out with a Canonet with a 20MP full frame sensor (called the Canonet TrX-U), and Nikon is going to make the LTM lenses for it. The first will be a Nikkor 50mm F/1.4.

  • John Adkins

    If it has CLS built in, I will be all over it! Hearing that it will have an f-mount is a bonus too, if that is true.

  • AList_AL

    They linked to a Canon 50mm in the article in error.

  • gochugogi

    The FM3A and FM2N were my all time favorite cameras. Love to see an evil digital twin of that iconic camera. And we have enough “mirror less” for now. Bring it on Nikon!

  • Carlos Ramírez

    Sony has more time than Apple!
    Sony = Minolta

  • Tim

    Kodak’s been in photography longer than either and look what happened to them; now what does company age have to do with it?

  • Tim

    You should not presume to tell people how many megapixels they need. I said it was a crude metric, but that doesn’t stop it being a viable part of people’s considerations when shopping.

  • Rob Elliott

    that would be interesting, the amount of glass the announce will be interesting to hear.

  • radiancedeluxe

    God bless Nippon Kōgaku Tōkyō K.K.!! this is my dream for a personal and professional-back up camera! All we really need is great AF and FX coverage F-mount!

  • Ryan Lackner

    J. Jonah Jameson won’t help you pay for a new one? That cheap bastard.

  • Josh Humble

    Yeah, I was wondering the same thing about the erroneous link.

  • radiancedeluxe

    There’s no reason to compare the two systems really. Camera company wars are more like arguing over Fed-ex or UPS. Yes there are differences, but both get you where you want to go. Most camera company loyalties are rooted in decisions we made X-number of years ago when we bought our first cheapo plastic crop cameras. We knew very little, relatively speaking. Now we can see the trade offs for what they are, and speak intelligently about them. For example if you only like small and slow lenses, go sony alpha A7/r. Yes f-mount is deep and varied, but the fast glass is huge. After a certain price point, nothing in the camera world is “bad”, they just present different trade offs.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    You know who also “wins no prizes”?

    Brand enthusiasts who constantly compare one camera to another

  • Cinekpol

    “Yes there are differences, but both get you where you want to go.” – Not at all. Sony offers currently… 4? lenses to A7. None of which is even remotely interesting. Actually – Sony released the most un-inspiring set of lenses I ever seen in any mirrorless system launch (ok, perhaps with exception of EOS M which also got completely boring glass).
    “but the fast glass is huge” – Never seen 50 f/1.4?
    “After a certain price point, nothing in the camera world is “bad”” – That’s soooo… false.

  • radiancedeluxe

    you need perspective. 24/35/58/85 1.4g = huge. I own these (58mm prepaid). f2.8 zooms = huge. I don’t know why I need to spell this out. there are trade offs and to me it’s worth it. but fast FX glass is huge. avoid focusing on one single exception, think critically. as far as the price point argument, I invite you to test my statements with details. perhaps I can continue to help you.

  • kevin rutkowski

    ask your uncle for money oh wait….

  • volk65

    Give me more. I will crop it if I don’t need.

  • Nico in China

    shoot 1500 pic a day, edit on the spot with a laptop and you’ll think differently (specially if you have USB2 only and/or SSD hard drives) ;-)


    I would love a digital FM, and if it has a pentaprism and is called hybrid, it might have a nice manual focus system, but there is the “G” lens… It will at least need some aperture control somewhere.

  • Artgriffo

    If it’s true – At Last! Nikon have woken up,,,

  • TSY87

    F mount means you wont be able to use a lot of other brand glass… i will stick with the a7r

  • Daschund

    I just hope that it doesn’t come with all that fungus on the 50mm lens… LOL

  • onephotog

    that is something i think Fuji has done extremely well with the x100 (I think the same for the X-pro 1 but I’ve never used it) the controls are very simple and intutitive. Dial on the lens, plus an A mode, for aperture priority. Dial for the shutter, plus an A mode for shutter priority. And Double A modes means automatic. Simple done.
    I hope this news isn’t overhyped. I love the feel and function of the 70’s and 80’s metal manual cameras that I recently sold all DSLR equipment and converted to Leica-ism.

  • OnePhtog

    if only it were true… … …
    (or if it is true…) If only I could believe it… …

  • no, just no

    huh? this is idiotic. you’ve been in the mirrorless lens desert too long. you shoot a system to shoot the systems lenses. that’s why you choose the system. you only go outside of the system when you have to or to save money on generic glass, which f-mount has boatloads of.

  • ɯɐן ǝɔuɐɹɹǝʇ

    yes…. I wish it was true too…. I sure would love to use some LTM lens on a modern Canonet rangefinder.

  • MattSteeleLA

    Just shut up and take my money.

  • TSY87

    actually no… i hardly think the vast amount of mirrorless shooters are trying to save money when they run leica glass on their cameras. The fact is this, there are many amateur or even pro photographers who want full frame performance without the need for all the bells and whistles or size of modern SLR cameras. Nikon does make some amazing glass but not in every focal length. Who wouldnt love the ability to pick and chose THE BEST in each focal length they want to shoot? The F-mount limits this ability because of its longer flange distance which rules out many great lens options.

  • Colin Peddle

    I agree, it is crude and unfortunately it is still a used as a measuring stick for camera quality when we all know there’s far, far more to consider for a camera’s ability to make a quality image (forgetting lenses for a moment) then the number of mp it has.

    Back on to your original point for a second? Who do you believe is the copy cat here? Nikon, Sony, Canon, Pentax, Fuji, Leica?

  • Scott

    Some people are wondering what’s the point besides the retro cool factor and I was one until I saw some people talking about the “hybrid” aspect and someone pointed to a hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder that Nikon patented a while back.

    Shoot with the viewfinder in traditional optical mode, hopefully with a nice focusing screen or pop the mirror up into electronic mode hopefully with such features as focus peaking, viewing your shot in B&W mode while you compose, and reviewing shots rather then having to use the rear screen and worry about glare and bright situations!

    That changed my mind on the matter! Of course that’s just rumors on top of rumors at this point but it would make it stand out from say a D600 even with the smaller resolution sensor.