Thief Caught on Tape Stealing $2,250 Worth of Prints from Art Gallery in Broad Daylight

In the digital age, having your photos stolen usually indicates copyright infringement by someone who decided to use your work without permission online. But for Ukranian-born photographer Aleksandr “Sasha” Onyshchenko, the term recently took on the old definition: two of his prints were literally stolen right out of the gallery they were being displayed at in broad daylight!

The theft happened on October 11th around 1:30pm at the Assumption Life Art Gallery in Moncton, Canada where his series “The Beauty of the Human Lines” was on display. Caught entirely on surveillance tape, we see a man walk in, stand around looking at the prints for a minute, and then up and remove two of them and simply walk out the back.


According to Onyshchenko, the two photographs — one 20×50-inch print and one 15×30-inch print — are worth a total of $2,250. And so, in the hopes of keeping the thief from selling them, he’s trying to get the word out and share the surveillance footage with as many people as possible.

“I’m putting this all online to make everyone aware that those are stolen prints and to prevent the thief from making money off of them,” writes Onyshchenko. “Photographers around the world go mad and are always ready to back each other up when s#@t like this happens, and I’m sure it will be a matter of few days before everyone in Atlantic Canada will be able to identify the images as ‘stolen.'”

The theft has been reported to the proper authorities and the police are reviewing the surveillance video in hopes of identifying the perpetrator. If you have any info about the stolen limited edition prints, Onyshchenko asks that you please call (506) 871-8140, but even if you don’t, he hopes you’ll spread the word so that the thief at the very least doesn’t profit from his work.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Andre!

  • rz67

    It almost looks effortless. Weird.

  • Ignatius

    well… at least the theft has good taste!!

  • Panchoskywalker

    I can’t imagine how the thief pretend to sell those prints….my guess is ebay but he will get caught. Maybe he just steel them for him or to offer.

  • Thomas Casey

    He might hang them on his living room wall.

  • Carmen

    Possibly a set-up by the artist (someone close to him) for publicity? Seems a little suspicious – thief knew exactly what he wanted and went straight for it and why wasn’t someone watching the these cameras?

  • Muhammad Malik

    Ooooh Canada…

  • markz

    breaking news (not) – nobody (or almost nobody) watches CCTV security live.

    Where I work my day job there are well over 400 CCTV cameras spread over several dozen buildings and a few square klm’s of land. Of those less than 50 are on a list to be “monitored” live at the central security “bunker” but even then they only have 4 of these displaying at anytime (and only for a short period of time – 5 to 10 seconds before changing to another of the short list of cameras).

    in most cases CCTV is only there for “after the fact” evidence gathering.

  • madmax

    Worth how much? Hahaha! Asking price and value are not the same. Probably this is a set-up as Carmen says.

  • TadaoCern

    Let’s be fair – this is not a gallery. It’s just a lobby. And price for a photo and it’s value(before it is sold to anyone) are two different things. I find this situation shady.

  • kevin

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  • Guu

    He knows well where the CCTV is and waits around out of sight. Part of the artists work or actual theft it looks as well planned.

  • joeaverage21

    So it’s a print. Is it not easy to make another? I mean the value of the print is the paper – right? Different from a painting where each painting represents tens/hundreds of hours of work on that singular item? The photographer misses out on selling that particular print but he can simply print another.

  • ɯɐן ǝɔuɐɹɹǝʇ

    Looks very well planned for sure… He knew where the cameras were (I hope that this isn’t insurance fraud). One thing is for certain…. CCTV cameras suck for resolution. In this day and age of HDTV, there’s no excuse for horrible imaging like that anymore.

    Sure there might be dozens or more cameras to replace, but the cost of insurance deductibles most certainly should cover that kind of upgrade.

  • ag12

    For anybody that says this is planned, I just want to say that not EVERYBODY or EVERYTHING is corrupted in this world. The photographer of these images is an amazing artist from where I live and very well reputed….he doesn’t need fake, shady publicity like this to make a living. He needs justice to what happened. Regardless if you can REPRINT or not a picture doesn’t mean it didn’t cost a lot to print it… he prints these on a very expensive paper and acrylic mounting. And what about the price of his copyright? Come on people…

  • Sean Shipley

    You mean like 30$ worth of prints?