Prank: Man Asks People to Take a Photo of Him, Has Zombie Walk Across the Screen

Here’s a little bit of funny to get you through the rest of your Friday and send you off into the weekend in a good mood, because nothing helps alleviate stress like watching other people get the crap scared out of them… photo prank style.

This particular video was put together by prankster Jack Vale who has been so successful at messing with people he’s even been noticed by NBC and is now helping produce TV projects. In the video above, he asks strangers on the street to snap his photo in front of a sign, but just as they’re about to do it a pre-recorded ‘zombie’ walks across the screen.


As you might imagine, reactions range from bewilderment, to terror, to laughter. Personally, I probably would have fallen somewhere in between the first two. It seems fairly obvious that the people aren’t actually taking a photo, but rather looking at a screen recording of Vale standing in front of that same sign in that same pose while a ‘zombie’ girl walks by.

Still, even with the few tell-tale signs (he doesn’t always perfectly sync with the video and we’re assuming pressing the shutter button won’t do anything) none of the people in the video saw it coming.

So check out the prank at the top to see some of the funny reactions for yourself. And if you want more when you’re done, check out this link for a look at the clips that didn’t make the final cut.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • FauxTog

    This is like that one where someone wanted you to take their photo with their “invisible friend” and once the unexpected participant took the photo..their friend appeared in the photo.

  • Jeff

    Is that Cameron Diaz? lol..

  • Abhinav Sagar

    WOW!! Worth sharing by PetaPixel is it?

  • Redstart

    Hear, hear! Where are the typical boring artist’s statements by large format photographers that print on organic rocks that we normally prefer?!?!

  • Stormin

    and a great way for your new iPhoneDroidTab to get lifted, or better yet dropped! but funny too!

  • SpongeBob

    I love the dumb-ass who’s pants are all most falling off, revealing his undies

  • Cajetan Barretto

    Too freaking long.

  • arvs

    can’t blame some people if they accidentally throw your phone,lol.

  • Jon Peckham

    What app is it? I want that app. Its great!

  • Michael

    There is an app called zombiance for iphone that allow you to do prank like this! It’s fantastic

  • George J

    WOW! Not really the same of this fantastic prank, but it’s quite similar! Great man, thank u