Photo Shows the Hasselblad Solar: A Sony a7 Dressed in Fancy Materials


Now that we think about it, we should have expected this, but we just didn’t see it coming. The photo above supposedly shows a new camera on its way from Hasselblad. In keeping with the Lunar and Stellar before it, the Hasselblad Solar pictured above will basically be a Sony a7 redesigned using expensive materials and sold at a much higher price.

It’s important to note that, as far as we can tell, this is more than likely a Photoshopped joke picture — nothing has gone up on Hasselblad’s website. We say that because a few others seem to be reporting on it as if it were official. The photo first appeared on Photo Rumors, along with very little in way of details about the alleged luxury shooter.


That doesn’t mean we can’t speculate fairly accurately though. If we take the similar looking Hasselblad Stellar (above) for comparison, we can assume that you would have a choice of certain exotic woods for the grip, and that the specs would be identical to the groundbreaking full-frame mirrorless a7 announced yesterday by Sony.

Chances are you would have different exotic materials to choose from (as is the case with the Stellar) which will help you to customize both the camera and the price tag associated with it. Given how much more expensive the ‘Sonyblads’ so far have been, Photo Rumors pegs the price of this fictional a7 clone at somewhere in the vicinity of $10,000.

And the more you look at the photo, the more obvious it becomes that this is indeed fictional. Heck, even the part that has the Hasselblad name scrawled across it is actually facing downward in the original photo of the Sony a7 that whomever decided to ‘shop, and serial number on the lens matches too. Still, we could definitely see Hasselblad making a luxury a7 IRL eventually.

(via sonyalpharumors)

  • Joe Fonebone

    Let me break this to you gently. There’s this program, you see, called ‘Photoshop’…

  • Rob Elliott

    That photo seems ligit.. not just a “fan” ‘shopping of it. No no … totally ligit.. I have sources in my sink that confirm this is in no way a fake photo with no connection to anything… yep my toilet confirms totally real..

    sorry I had too much sugar today.

  • JoeNoName

    its legit.

  • Adam Cross

    the hasselblad logo on top is all wrong, the perspective is off, it’s not straight and the ‘H’ logo is warped, too. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Hasselblad do indeed have plans for the A7

  • JoeNoName

    man, its legit. stop fooling yourself, its how it is.


    Hasselblad CEOs altogether caught dementia?

  • timo musgrove

    even if it is fake that would be a beautiful camera.

  • Richard Watson

    What I really want to see is a Panasonic/Hasselblad GM1

  • ksporry

    The photoshop job to the side, it’s kinda ridiculous that Hasselblad keeps glorifying sony cameras with a piece of wood and call if 5 times as expensive. It shows lack of inspiration, both technically and commercially. I for one lost all faith in hasselblad’s credibility as a camera manufacturer. They went from hero to Zero…

  • Carl Meyer

    Put a wood grip and a new logo on a digital camera and wait for profit. Looks like a great business plan.

  • MJ Coffey

    It’s fake. You can still see where someone tried to remove the Alpha ‘a’ but failed miserably at doing so. Also, that wooden grip doesn’t look very real, either.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    You can go around in public showing everyone how beautiful your camera is. Just like mechanics show how beautiful their wrenches are.

  • fcumick

    Fake or real I wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole, esp at silly prices suggested. And that wooden grip looks ridiculous. The phrase ‘a fool is easily parted with his money’ springs to mind…

  • greenarcher02

    I think a more probable combination is a Panasonic/Leica GM1.

  • ChrisBe

    I’ve ordered one today with the Pro Shop in London and I’m not the first on the waiting list.

  • lightleak

    I think every interesting camera release automatically triggers a Hasselblad release message using the same photo with an automated and rather random placement of a wooden structure somewhere in the frame.

  • AntonyShepherd

    Totally ‘shopped. If it was real it would be MUCH more gaudy!

  • Jake

    More like how guitar players go onstage and show what beautiful guitars they have. Don’t reduce the camera to strictly a mere tool when aesthetics have always been part of it.

  • tron

    victor hasselblad must be turning in his grave

  • faloc

    it’s still only a rumour -.-

  • faloc

    what I would prefer is Hasselblad sticking to it’s original plan, instead of making ugly rebranded smaller cameras