external New Rumor Suggests Fuji Has an X200 with a Full-Frame Sensor in the Works —xjrumo


Not 24 hours after Sony debuted its a7 and a7R mirrorless full-frame cameras, we have an ironically appropriate rumor to report on. According to xjrumo, a source many rumor sites claim has been very reliable in the past, Fuji is looking to release a full-frame X200 in 2014.

No more details than that have surfaced, but it will still be a fixed lens camera like the X100s, only now featuring a full-frame sensor to rival Sony’s RX1 and new a7 and a7R.

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  • Hank Chinaski

    Hell yeah!

  • Robert Mark

    Great news. Prediction: APS-C is going away. Market will stratify into 24x36mm sensors and m43 + 1″ sensors. Smartphones will eat everything smaller.

  • Stan B.

    Followed by the X Pro FF, in turn followed by the cropped then FF organic sensors, in turn buried by…

  • Kokoro

    I have a couple of boxes of Fujifilm fill-frame sensors here, on my desk.

  • Zos Xavius

    Actually m4/3 sales are down while APS-C is hot right now. I wouldn’t count it out by any means. Full frame is roughly 10% of the market. APS-C is still the market leader. There are people that prefer APS-C to full frame for a variety of shooting needs as well. These people don’t want to downgrade to m4/3.

  • Robert Mark

    You’re probably right about market share. But those numbers are a snapshot pre-introduction of a couple of game changing cameras, namely, the new Sony A7, Olympus E-M1, and Lumix G7. Should be interesting to see if they change anything.

  • Furunomoe

    Holographic sensors!