external Flickr Officially Launches New Layout Beta, Invites You to Try it Out —Flickr Blog


That new Google+-like layout that we told you Flickr has been playing around with is officially here in Beta form. Photographs are more prominent, comments and descriptions are now to the right, and the whole thing supposedly runs much faster and smoother than the previous layout.

To check it out for yourself, just click on the “Try our new Photo Experience” button that now shows up on every photo page.

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  • Christopher Hugh Hiscocks

    It’s missing so many features of the old (and old old) format, such as the ability to chance viewing size, get BB code, etc. I can’t understand how they overlook such obvious things! I like the look though, the sidebar works much better than the format with comments underneath. I wonder if a floating bar ala Aperture might work, too. Overall, wtf.

  • Spongebob Nopants

    The “try our new Photo Experience” button appears in my Chrome browser but not in my IE browser.
    So if you don’t see the button switch to Chrome.

  • Spongebob Nopants

    Also – I activated it in Chrome then opened IE and the change in photo pages can’t be seen when using IE yet. Just Chrome. Maybe other browsers, but not my IE.

  • Spongebob Nopants

    The view is actually a bit smaller when viewing landscapes because the info is in the sidebar. As yet there’s no lighbox option. Viewing in the current viewer shows a larger picture even without moving to lightbox.

  • Randy Wentzel

    I’ve been a Flickr user since ’06 with 35k plus photos now on the site. Been a Pro user since the get-go too. I don’t understand how they think that any of this helps professional or enthusiast photographers. I understand that they haven’t rolled out all of the features yet. Where is the ability to view images in their original resolution? Map? I generally shy away from posting negative comments, but I really hope that they’re listening. If they’re aiming at the “I just got my first camera and I want to show off my family photos to grandma” crowd, then they’re right on target.

    If it’s really that much of a pre-release, maybe you should consider
    holding out until it’s a fully baked product because I’d have never
    started with the service if it had looked like this from day one. It is faster, but it just helps me speed from one useless page to the next. The tech features are why I stayed with Flickr so long to begin with.

    I think it may be time to switch over to another service, or just stick with my Zenfolio account (that I use for business sales). A sad period for Flickr. Yahoo, you’re making it feel like an AOL service. Please start listening to your core customers.