external “How Much is an Image Worth, Rethinking Licensing in the Online Age” —THEME

In an era where images are so omnipresent they sometimes appear to be on the verge of replacing complete sentences, the laws of supply and demand are exerting their inevitable downward pull. The first big slide occurred in the early 2000s when newly created agencies like iStockphoto and Shutterstock sought to profit from the surging supply of images facilitated by digital technology…

Elsewhere on the Internet images were increasingly being exchanged for free. The emergence of global social media networks like Facebook (founded in 2004) and Twitter (founded in 2006) prompted people to post and share pictures in ways and volumes that had never been imagined. Those platforms fed a culture that increasingly viewed intellectual property, in all its shapes and forms, as something that should be either extremely cheap (micropayments) or free.

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