Lomography’s New Diana Model Comes Complete With Instax Instant Film Back


Medium-format, questionable build and instant prints? Lomography has hit yet another trifecta with the new Diana F+ Instant Film, a low-fi shooter that adds instant printing capability to one of the company’s most popular models.

Formerly, instant shooting enthusiasts had to fork out $90 for an Instax film back for their Diana F, which didn’t seem to make sense given that the camera itself only cost $90. The new model puts them together for $140, a savings of $40.

Plus, that price includes the original medium format back, so you still have the option to remove the Instax back and shoot regular medium-format film.


The downside here is that the Instax back packs all the “legendary” build quality synonymous with the Lomo name. Amazon reviews include a lot of “worked great for the first two or three shots” comments, so a “buyer beware” warning is in order.

Still, assuming the camera doesn’t break down on you, the Diana F+ will work with all of the fun Diana lenses and accessories, while also offering features like multiple exposures and pinhole shooting.

Instax, of course, is Fujifilm’s successful, expanding and downright fun effort to fill the void once left by Polaroid’s departure from instant photography.

(via Imaging Resource)

  • Ian

    The instax back has been out for a while now. Having used it, I too have had the jamming problem as mentioned in other reviews. Is this a new improved model or the same old?

  • AntonyShepherd

    I think if you wanted to shoot Instax you’d be better off saving up a bit more and getting the Instax Mini 90!

  • Fletch

    My folks had a Diana in the 60s (at least I think that was what it was called – it looks like this – all plasticky)