external Olympus’ Toshi Terada Says Full Frame a Possibility for Future Mirrorless Models —Onfoto

Olympus Official LogoOlympus’ Manager of Product Planning for SLR products, Toshi Terada, gave two interviews recently that shed some interesting light on a few items.

In addition to commenting on how long the E-M1 took to develop, denying rumors that a silver E-M1 will ever come out and claiming that support for Four Thirds systems will continue, he also said that the company will “not exclude” itself from the full-frame market, responding to questions about the possibility of a full-frame with the statements “why not?” and “we’ll see!”

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  • Cinekpol

    It won’t be MFT if it will be Full Frame.
    What you should say is that Olympus looks into starting a new photographic system.

  • Rabi Abonour

    Seriously, Petapixel? First off, as Cinekpol said, the concept of a FF MFT camera is an inherent contradiction. That’s like a FF crop-sensor camera. Also, the context here is that the interviewer asked “Do you think you would ever make a full-frame camera?” to which the reply was “I’m not going to deny it.”

    Come on. What was he going to say? “Olympus will never ever make a full-frame mirrorless”?

    This is just embarrassing. Reporting on an executive not ruling out the possibility of a product is an even weaker lead than reporting on a patent, which is bad enough.