external Why Museums are Loosening Anti-Photography Rules, And Why It’s Good —NY Times

Museum bans on picture-taking are practically unenforceable and are also obsolete. Art museums in America typically permit visitors to take (nonflash) photographs of works in a museum’s permanent collection but forbid pictures at temporary exhibitions. This prohibition is currently under review at many institutions, some of which have already dropped it…

I say hooray. When we photograph, e-mail, tweet and Instagram paintings, we capitalize on technological innovation to expand familiarity with an ancient form. So, too, we increase the visual literacy of this country. Much can be gained. Nothing can be lost. A photograph of a painting can no more destroy a masterpiece than it can create one.

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  • Rabi Abonour

    While bans on photography might be impractical in the age of the cameraphone, taking a picture of a work in a museum (not a picture that includes the work, but a picture of just that work) is pretty silly. “I better take a picture so I remember what the Mona Lisa looks like!”