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Photographer Trevor Dayley has a very specific way he names his photography folders, and although he’s the first to admit it’s nothing groundbreaking, it helps him stay organized and quickly find what he’s looking for.

Instead of naming folders at random, he uses the following system: Year-Month-Day – Category – Name. So if it’s a Wedding Between Jon and Jane Shot on October 10th of last year, the folder will be named “2012-10-10 – Wedding – Jon and Jane”

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  • tdayley

    Thanks for sharing the tip with your readers.

  • Tim

    Thanks for the tip. I have a question (two actually but i’ll ask the important one first).

    Since i first got lightroom a few months ago, i have been saving all my photos into folders (Freddies christening, Abby photoshoot etc.) in the main “pictures” folder on my Mac. I’m new to mac, and when i got it one of the first things i did was transfer all my photos from my old computer into that folder too, in a subfolder called pre-imac. So now i have about 30 folders with new photos in that have been made with LR and one huge “pre-imac” folder, all immediately in the main Pictures folder in the Finder.

    I have realised that if i carry on dumping folders into the Pictures folder like this it’s going to be a mess in no time so i’d like to start organising them by year, preferably a folder for each year. So i want my main Pictures folder on my computer to look something like this: Pre-imac, 2013, 2014, 2015….etc etc.

    The problem is, how do i move the new folders into a folder named 2013 so that Lightroom can still find them? I had problems once with missing LR files when i created a subfolder inside one of the folders and it scared the heck out of me. This is similar but the opposite, i need to move all my LR folders into one folder. How do i go about doing that?

    OK now the second question. Should i be creating a new catalog for every photoshoot that i make? At the moment i am copying the RAW photos from the card into a subfolder as explained above, but as far as i know i’m not going out of my way to create a catalog.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Rabi Abonour

    Nice, albeit basic, tip. File management is incredibly important.

  • Ken Elliott

    For now, use just one Catalog. Start importing your files into dated folders (LR can automate that for you). Option – I rename the folder by adding a description after the date. And use keywords or you’ll kick yourself later.

    As for your existing images, if you move them OUTSIDE Lightroom, LR will be confused. Solution – Use LR to move the folders. If LR moves them, the database stays in sync with the folders. If you move a folder outside LR, then inside LR go to the old folder and select an image. LR will ask if you want to try to find the missing file – show it were the file is, and LR will see if the rest of the missing files are in that folder.

  • tim

    Thanks that’s a big help