external Sara Lewkowicz Talks About the Downside of Going Viral —Resource Magazine

The problem is not many people were asking permission to use the photos, and even fewer were paying for them. As more people shared them on social media and their personal blogs, the images’ value lowered. “The more the piece is out there, the less exclusive it becomes. And the less exclusive it becomes, the less reason anybody has to contact me and pay me for my work,” Sara explained.

The problem is the digital world and blogs and social media are all still new, and most people don’t know the rules — especially when it comes to paying for content. In time, this might be fixed, but for now, the Internet is a Wild West, seemingly not subject to law. But this free-for-all is unsustainable for content creators like photographers. “It’s not about me getting rich off of this,” Sara said. “It’s more about that I can’t continue to do this kind of work if no one wants to pay me anymore.”

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