external First Picture of Pentax’s Upcoming K-3 DSLR Leaked —Digicame-info


When the Pentax K-3 first came up on rumor sites, it was supposed to be a full frame camera released in early 2013. Obviously those rumors didn’t come to fruition, but we now have our first leaked press photo of the new camera and some leaked specs as well.

According to PhotoRumors, the camera will officially be announced on October 8th, and will come to market sporting a 24MP APS-C sensor, 27-point (all cross-type) AF, a new flash system, a 100% 0.95x optical viewfinder and a price tag of about $1,300 for the body only.

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  • Guest

    I was under the impression Ricoh was dropping the Pentax name.

  • Ivan

    I understand only as a company name, so there should be no more Pentax Ricoh Imaging Company, Ltd. but the brand name Pentax stays. Nothing new since Asahi and Honeywell used Pentax brand, and it continues to be used by Hoya (for medical optics) and now Ricoh for cameras and lenses. So Pentax brand is here to stay.

  • Chris Brown

    I’m cautiously optimistic for this. I love my K-5, but it’s getting a bit long in the tooth.

  • Andrew

    I’m willing to take that plunge and upgrade from my K30. Fortunately I will probably be able to get a staff discount through my work!!