external Mother Sues to Get Her Money Back for Horrible Family Photos, Wins —Herald Sun

pixifoto1Samwarit Tuku, an Australian mother who paid $790 to a PixiFoto studio for a high quality family portrait session, turned around and sued the company after she received prints that were “really horrible.”

She sued to get her money back from the company, and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal ruled in her favor. However, the company is currently going bankrupt (go figure), so Tuku may never see a cent.

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  • Mike

    You can’t fix ugly. Or stupid. But you can apparently get some compensation for it.

  • DrBen

    There’s an old saying: Beauty is as beauty is as beauty does.

    Judging by your snide remark, you must be one hideous dude.

  • Peng Tuck Kwok

    Actually you should have a look at the article, I’m not saying she is hideous but she does have bags under her eyes. I am not entirely clear how she believed 790 dollars would fix bags under her eyes.

  • kassim

    Basic lighting adjustment?

  • Peng Tuck Kwok

    It’ll still show…

  • Nick Schulz

    This was shown on A Current Affair this week. This is the list of things she wanted done to her photos.
    1: Her skin retouched–she felt her skin looked too shiny in all the photographs
    2: Bags under her eyes removed– no comment–
    3: small scratches and blotches on boys face removed–I’ve retouched someones leg that had a skin disorder–it is easy to do but less is best.
    4: Little girls eyes photoshoped to look clearer
    5: Background a different colour–because their black hair blended into the background.
    Remember though their business is based around high turnover in the shortest time possible so retouching is over-looked.
    PixieFoto also owned all Portrait Places that where located in Myers..which all where located near the baby section of the stores.
    Its sad to know that many talented workers have been let go but family portraiture will always need to change and adapt to new technologies and techniques thus going above and beyond customer expectations.