external A Tour of Sigma’s Lens Factory in Japan —The Imaging Resource

lensfactoryImaging Resource founder Dave Etchells was recently given a tour of Sigma’s lens factory in Aizu, Japan. His behind-the-scenes look reveals some interesting things about one of the major players in the third-party lens industry. One is the vertical integration: Sigma handles pretty much every step of the lens production process, from lens grinding to final assembly.

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  • Pete

    Neat! Looks like Sigma invests in the most modern machinery. I have been working for and with Mitsubishi EDM for close to a decade, and the EDM’s pictured are the most modern and current in their line. The Mitsui Seiki’s are pretty modern as well, and among the finest machine tools out there. Having been in the machining industry for 20 years, I have a whole new respect for Sigma. It’s been my experience that companies that invest in the latest and greatest are often on the cutting edge of manufacturing.