Adobe Officially Releases Photography Bundle as CC Surpasses 1M Subscribers


In addition to the Project Mighty and Napoleon announcement we told you about earlier, Adobe had a few more things up its sleeve yesterday. Key among them was the official release of the exciting $10/month photographer bundle along with some statistics that show how fast Creative Cloud is growing.

As they say on NPR’s Marketplace, “first, let’s do the numbers.” Adobe’s quarterly earnings statement for Q3 was released yesterday, but another dip in revenue was overshadowed by the bigger news that Creative Cloud has surpassed 1 million subscribers.

Not all photographers are thrilled with the new pay-as-you-go system, but it seems people are adopting it nonetheless. “Our customers are overwhelmingly choosing subscriptions instead of perpetual model licenses,” said CFO Mark Garrett, “which is accelerating our business model transition.”


And alongside this exciting growth news came another announcement: Lightroom 5.2 and the Adobe CC Photography Bundle are officially here. When the bundle became official, we knew they would arrive together in “a couple of weeks,” but now the wait is over.

Lightroom 5.2 is a minor update that brings a Smoothness adjustment slider along with some refinements to the Spot Healing Tool and Local Adjustment Brush. There’s also several bug fixes as well.


As previously reported, the now-available Photography Bundle will only be available for a limited time and to a specific user base. To qualify, you have to own a perpetual license for Photoshop CS3 or above, and you’ll have to sign up before December 31st.

That $10/month price requires a 12-month commitment, and will snag you Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, 20GB of online storage, Behance ProSite, access to Creative Cloud Learn’s training resources and ongoing upgrades and updates.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be an introductory price, so as long as you keep your account active you’ll keep paying just $10/month. For more info, head over to Adobe’s blog by clicking here.

  • rewrew

    great.. have a monopol, give people no chance and then say it´s a sucess…. fukers…

  • rewrew

    and it is not 9.99 $ outside the usa.. that´s a lie.

  • KLC

    Stop buying into Adobe’s marketing PR by calling this a photographers bundle. If it really was that then they would make it available to every photographer who wanted it. Instead you have to have CS3 or above, I’ve also heard that it doesn’t apply if you had a student edition, and it’s only available until Dec 31 and then it’s gone. Plus, if you subscribe and then drop it you can’t resubscribe at the low rate. This isn’t a photographer’s bundle, it’s yet another example of Adobe playing games with their customers.

  • Pat Alexander NY

    I Just finished a month’s trial of Photoshop which has become overly bloated with the addition of 3D (which I don’t need or want). Plus it takes up an enormous amount of computer real estate. So even if I had CS3 (instead of my current believe it or not Photoshop 6) I wouldn’t spring for a subscription. Instead I’ve been working with Gimp, which has pleasantly surprised me, especially that it’s so up to date.

  • Rob Elliott

    what saddens me is that I early adopted Creative Cloud because it was clear this is where they were going.. I didn’t own Photoshop at the time and decided I wanted to upgrade. So I had a choice buy CS6 or the single app version of Creative Cloud.

    If in a year I decided I was just as capable of using elements I can cancel and go back and save in not I’ll be in early and get the new features early.

    What I didn’t realize is that buy doing that I may actually end up paying more long term then I had I bought CS6 and waited on Creative Cloud for a all it’s features to be activated.

    I understand what they are doing.. but I still find this to be a bit of a “we have you locked in so we don’t care about you” ploy to those people who were early adopters to the Creative Cloud which lacked any real features.

  • John Mueller

    I can’t wait until there is an equal competitor to Photoshop so the price will drop down to $150 where it belongs. I don’t feel bad for stealing it for all these years.

  • nullhogarth

    While the subscribers have been arriving, the company’s revenue and profits missed for the quarter. Adobe predicts in their press release that they will hit 4 million subscribers by 2015. I predict something else – that the company will go back to offering standalone versions of their software well BEFORE 2015.

  • nullhogarth

    Now, don’t be bitter – it was all the stealing that forced Adobe to keep the price so high.

  • jaroos

    I paid $70 for Lightroom last year. At this cloud price rate, my Lightroom already paid for itself…

  • Chris Petersen

    Pity that educational licenses don’t qualify like they used to for old fashioned upgrades. I think I’ll be using CS5 for the foreseeable future.

  • nerdbomber

    10 dollars a month for 12 months… aka the good old “bait and hook” trick. Nice, Adobe.

    I really don’t know why some of you are falling for this marketing ploy. One sees 10 dollars a month and they automatically view it as a great deal. Sorry, but the reality is that it’s not. Anytime that you have to subscribe to use software, that is just a sick and horrible notion(and utterly greedy nonetheless).

    Fellow photographers, retouchers, designers and artists… Please boycott this monthly subscription nonsense so that Adobe can back to the perpetual license model and so that we can get back to making art.

  • James Donahue

    Nothing at all for photog’s just starting unless they can shell out Mucho $$$ for a copy of photoshop CS.

  • Joey

    Everyone’s complaining about Adobe’s business decisions and I’m just sitting here torrenting.

  • jkantor267

    Both Lightroom 4 and 5 are dogs – and obviously “improved” by programmers and not photographers. I still use 3.2.

  • Mike

    Where do you get $150? Why do you get to set the price of software? I guess the $7000 price tag on AutoCAD Civil 3D is outrageous too? That software should be $250 and Windows 7 should be $29.99?

  • Mike

    But the $10 includes Photoshop, a substantially more valuable application.

  • Brendan

    More to the point, it’s the theft that has kept it the gold standard of image editing. If people had no choice but to buy it, there would be a market for cheaper alternatives.

  • Mike

    I pay monthly for Smugmug, I pay monthly for my webspace hosting my WordPress blog. Professionally, my company pays monthly for a lot of cloud services that used to be one-time software purchases. This is the path forward for many things, not just Photoshop.

  • Mike

    I love LR5, it has many features that are a big improvement over previous versions. Most of the new stuff in PS is not that useful, except for content-aware tools. I welcome the new changes in LR, and hope they keep improving that tool at the same pace.

  • nerdbomber

    That’s good and well that you’re able to pay monthly subscriptions for those services. Personally, I’d rather have the “option” of not having to buy every single upgrade that comes my way. With the monthly subscriptions, I feel that the suits at Adobe Corporate are getting away with highway robbery. And don’t even get me started with the online checks once every few days. Ridiculous! If anything were to happen to Adobe(God forbid), what would happen to our software in the cloud then?

    I’m an audio professional as well as a photographer. I use software called Avid Pro Tools for my audio line of work. Debatably, they are the industry standard for Audio as is Photoshop is for photography software. They also make video software that rivals Adobe Premiere. If ever they adopted a silly monthly subscription for their software, there would be an uproar in the industry. It makes me wonder why people are so easily gullible when it comes to the whole Adobe CC scheme… they’re just buying into it like sheep. They don’t really realize how royally screwed they are… Adobe is just laughing all the way to the bank with our money.

  • Randell

    So where the hell is the download page?

  • Alexander Petricca

    Why don’t they offer an option for people who don’t have a license for CS3> ?

  • long time CS/LR fan, no more

    You know, it’s really not about the monies here…
    It’s the principal.
    I will *NEVER* purchase ANY adobe product ever again!
    The arrogance, and lies at the start of this entire fiasco has killed the fun of photoshop and lightroom for me.
    I know adobe still doesn’t care about the “amateurs” at all, as the “professionals” will all likely adopt to the new extortion licensing scheme.

  • Mike

    I just did an online chat with Adobe about this. The option they gave me was for Adobe CC for $49.99/month. Either that or get a retail license for CS3 or later and then sing up for the $9.99/month deal. I’m currently using a student version of CS4 and was seriously considering purchasing a new computer and signing up for this. That chat just saved me a lot of money because I will be sticking with what I have for the foreseeable future.

  • Alexander Petricca

    Exactly- I’d pay $20 for Photoshop and Lightroom together but as a Photographer I have limited or no use for Dreamweaver, In-Design, Illustrator etc. Why do I have to pay more for features I do not want. I have minimal issue with the subscription model but it doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Banan Tarr

    Just because you don’t need or want 3D doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong there. I love the new 3D stuff. It takes a serious PC to use it but I’m not whinging about that. You seem to have found what you need in GIMP, so that’s good.

  • BrokenHelix79

    So, you’re proud of being a lazy freeloader with no ethics or respect for the hardworking folks who create the tools you steal.

    Be careful patting yourself on the back with those Cheetos fingers.

  • CmdrAdobo

    I dont like to use software that you dont have much freedom and you tied to a single vendor.

  • Olivia Allison

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  • Pat Alexander NY

    The good thing about Adobe’s last stand alone version was that you could buy it with or without the 3D. Although my new computer can easily run it, I hate unnecessary stuff cluttering it up. So for now I’ll keep my old computer to run my perfectly satisfactory old Photoshop plus my new one for Gimp and what I suspect might be a new graphic software program soon to enter a market loudly crying for a non-subscription alternative.

  • Me

    And you have to have Photoshop bought already to get that package

  • Brad Trent

    As an early and quite vocal opponent to Adobe’s entire Cloud Scheme, I am willing to admit that this is a step in the right direction, but Adobe still refuses to entertain the idea of any kind of exit strategy so that its users would have a way to access and edit their files after a certain period of time paying into the subscription plan.

    It’s an idea that isn’t too hard to understand! After you’ve paid into “The Cloud” for a predetermined period of time…let’s say three years for the sake of argument…the user can end their subscription and their software would be ‘locked’ at the level of upgrade when they got off the subscription. This would ensure the user could still have full working access to their work and Adobe will have made a healthy profit over the subscription time frame. Should the user decide at a later date that it is once again necessary/advantageous to get back on “The Cloud”, then they would have to pay whatever the going rate was at that time to re-subscribe and build time credits towards the next allowed jumping off point.

  • Will M


    I applaud you for looking for a middle ground (and also because your work kicks ass), but I think the reason Adobe has experienced such a vocal backlash is because they have violated the trust of their customers by exploiting their market share for editing software and further REDUCING the amount of choice a professional photographer has.

    As a businessman first (and photographer a close second), I can smell a cash grab when I see one. Adobe is simply ASKING to be put out of business by defying their paying customers’ wishes. I hear stories of photographers who go directly against their clients’ wishes on a job and I wonder how long they can keep it up before a more agreeable photographer gets the contract next. Adobe seems to be on the same path.

  • chennault

    I’m holding out as long as possible, which will be until I buy another camera that is not supported in ACR. Been using Photoshop – and paying – since 1996, and have paid for all versions and upgrades. Given them a ton of money, but no regrets as I got to keep them all. I would even pay for CC if there were a way to keep my version when and if I discontinue it, but I will not rent software. I am actively looking for something – GIMP doesn’t cut it yet for me – that provides most of the tools that I need. Unfortunately, I have not found it yet. Fortunately, my CS6 should hold me for a good while. It’s a shame they are such holes. I was perfectly ready to pay for another upgrade. I have not been one of those version skippers, even when I could have been. F U Adobe.