external David Burnett Tries to Track Down the Man in One of His Most Iconic Photos —Roads & Kingdoms

It’s not an image, it’s a mirror. The photograph stares back at you. Framed by blurred rifles and a few distracted compatriots, the man in the middle stands crisply and damns you with his eyes. It’s as if he knows that you are complicit in this thing that is happening to him, in his arrest, the torture, the possibility of his death. Argue if you will, but the fact remains: you are free, he is captive behind the soldiers…

The Man in the Photo, as a Chilean documentary from Maria Jose Martinez calls him, is perhaps the most iconic of all those images [taken during the Chilean coup] … The eyes, they say it all to the people who lived through it as the man in the photograph did.

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  • Well?

    How does my being free make me complicit in his being captive?