external Have Camera Companies Lost Sight of Simplicity in the Name of Features? —The Online Photographer

Camera manufacturers don’t seem constitutionally capable of making a super-simple camera. They must be deeply convinced that the complexity of the feature set (which certainly does appeal to a lot of us) is an indivisible part of how they add value to their product, and the temptation to add more and more is something they can’t forswear even for one product.

I mean, with hundreds of cameras on the market, wouldn’t you think they could make one that was super-simple, just for that segment of the population that wants it? And market it that way. You’d think. But no.

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  • Genot

    The 5D MKii was reasonable when it came to changing your autofocus. Then the Mkiii came along… 5 pages of menus with funky little icons. Loads of fun.

  • marxz

    just about every digital camera I’ve owned or shot with from point and shoot to a 1Ds had a fully auto mode (either P or the old “sport” “landscape” “night” mode, exception being a couple of Blads I’ve had a play with, though in truth even they might have had some sort of auto mode) but I can understand the average “mug punter being put off by seeming multitude of dials and knobs and buttons with “coded names” and “obscure symbols”

    I keep an ultra basic canon ixus in the car glove box set on P mode for “just in case” situations. deliberately chose a P&S rather than my old Oly M4/3 so if I handed it over to someone they wouldn’t be intimidated with too many dials and buttons or … “just press the big button on the top” is what I tell them

    but for pure simplicity this really now days is the realm of the smartphone set.

  • Bill Binns

    Like marxz said above…every camera on the market has a full auto mode. That’s about as simple as it gets. Put the mode dial on whatever selection is green, then start mashing the shutter button. Are the manufacturers supposed to take away all the other modes so people will feel better about using full auto? I would not be interested in such a camera.

    The camera companies badly screwed up by getting mired in the megapixel wars and being far too slow to embrace the app revolution and add features like wifi connectivity to their products. I’m shocked that we have not seen a licensing deal between Instagram and one of the big camera manufacturers.