external Getty Images CEO: Stock Industry to Go the YouTube Route —BJP

Getty Images co-founder and CEO Jonathan Klein on how the photo industry needs new business models:

We need a share of the revenues generated around the imagery. The model: “Here’s a picture, give me $100 and you can use it” will still continue and will still continue to be a big part of the industry. But in three to five years – no way. In three or five years, we’ll be saying: “Here’s our imagery. If you generate revenues on it, around it, relating to it, we want a piece of it.” It’s a bit like the YouTube Content ID model. And we’ve got the technology, and are building that.

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  • Matze

    yeah well and the artist.. what will the artist get?
    i get 25 cents from everything a subscriber downloads from shutterstock.
    25 cents!!!
    they should first pay their artists more first… they make good money.

  • Lucky

    Getty is a blood sucking leech. Buying from them hurts all creatives.