external Photographer Calls Out BuzzFeed for Using Photo Without Permission —Rev Dan Catt


Daniel Catt is a UK-based writer, parent and amateur photographer who’s rightfully upset at BuzzFeed at the moment. That’s because BuzzFeed’s most popular post from the last couple of months featured a photo of Catt’s son used without permission or compensation.

BuzzFeed changed the photo after Catt got in contact to ask where to send an invoice, but the post had already reached over 4 million views and Catt’s photo has now started showing up all over the Internet without his consent.

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  • kiwithing

    Buzzfeed is disgusting. “List-blog” sites like that are ruthless about how much they can (and will) ignore whatever license you put on your photos.

    I had Business Insider do the same thing to one of my photos. Sure, the image was under Creative Commons, but they couldn’t even take the time out to make sure they properly linked back to all images on Flickr. Unprofessional as hell.

    I immediately emailed the author asking him to not link to the download page of my photo, and instead just link to the default page for that individual photo. Thankfully the author wasn’t rude or defensive, but I noticed that other people still had their photos used and haphazardly linked back to the download pages.

    Flickr really needs to keep their statistics pages, because if they ever got rid of it there’d be no way to track who’s doing what with my photos. (I’m using a grandfathered Flickr Pro account, by the way.)

  • Zachary Larsen

    Buzzfeed’s business model is plagiarism. This story, while it deserves the attention, should not surprise anybody.