Thief Caught on Video Stealing $6,000 of Camera Equipment During a Wedding

It’s unfortunate that this is a piece of advice we need to give, but alas, it’s necessary: never leave your camera gear unattended. One photographer recently learned that lesson the hard way at an outdoor wedding he was shooting when he was deprived of some $6,000 of camera equipment in one fell swoop. And what’s more, the entire theft was caught on camera by the wedding’s videographer.

When Bryan Ball and fiancée Julie Wilson set out to have their wedding in Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC, the last thing they were probably worrying about was thievery.

But as they were saying their “I dos,” a man in a light blue shirt and shorts saw an opportunity and simply walked away with wedding photographer Martin Gregorian’s Pelican case full of gear. What the man didn’t realize is that his theft was caught on camera.

Here he is earlier in the wedding at the beginning of the video, walking around:


And here you see him walking away with the pelican case in his left hand (the theft happens around the 5:30 mark):


Unfortunately, the theft wasn’t discovered until the culprit was long gone. Vancouver police have been called in to help try and retrieve Gregorian’s gear, but the chances are slim. “I thought he was just a tourist, he was well dressed, he had a camera,” Gregorian told Global News. “I just thought he was enjoying the couple getting married.”

The couple themselves are both shaken and appalled. “It is the whole idea that someone can be this careless to ruin something that special for somebody and just the thoughtlessness of it,” says Ball. “It is sickening that people can do this to people on such a great day.”

Vancouver police Cst. Brian Montague said the man is “probably a professional,” but the hope is that somebody who sees this video can identify the culprit and bring him to justice.

(via SLR Lounge)

  • Colin Peddle

    One of the biggest reasons I employ an assistant is to prevent theft. Yes, they’ll hold a reflector, move lights, etc. but commonly I find myself telling them to sit at the back of the big public church next to my gear or to hang out in my car while I take pictures of the bride and groom elsewhere (or even asking a member of the bridal party to do the same should I need the assistant that moment).

    It’s sad, but it’s the world we live in.

  • Thomas

    It’s fiancée. ;)

  • radiancedeluxe

    join ppa today. it’s a fallen world.

  • Jason Dunn

    Thanks for the 6 minute video to show the theft for 1.5 seconds at the end.

  • Scott M.

    He did it at the right as they exchanged rings. What a POS.

  • Justin Haugen

    Ughh. Such a terrible lesson to have to learn.

  • DLCade

    Fixed, thank you :)

  • Eugene Chok

    crap stanley park i often shoot at this location !

  • yopyop

    Not very nice to rant since the article says “the theft happens around the 5:30 mark”. He’s also there at the very beginning.

  • agour

    and that’s why you don’t leave expensive gear lying around.

    You could always get one of those movement alarms, would at least alert you someone is moving the stuff.

  • Robert mallette

    What is ppa?

  • TinusVerdino

    Is the lady in the black (+white and red) dress with the red hair and sun glasses available?

  • Michael Russell

    PPA doesn’t offer insurance in Canada, if thats what you were referring to.

  • Chris

    I think we can all agree that the real crime here is the groom’s facial hair and hat.

  • ;)

    can i have the 5 minutes of my life back? why show almost a 6 minute clip for a 30 second point?

  • sagfg

    you can still edit it be shorter!!!

  • Wodan74

    If you’re so desperately in need for time, why not waste your time ranting and commenting about it and use it for something more useful… :-)

  • Freewayjammer

    Sad to say if this was the original file, it was a crappy video in the first place. Even the primary subjects were not sharp enough moreso the face of the thief.

  • K S B

    This means he has done this before. To know when to act, especially at a wedding, means that there is a big possibility the thief is also a photographer since he knows the worth of the gear he steals.

  • Peng Tuck Kwok

    Just FF to the freaking time frame. It’s youtube for crying out loud. Or just look at the screen shots.

  • geeves

    I think the real crime is that trilby (fedora)

  • David + Kara Wedding Imagery

    Wow… that’s crazy! I was shooting a wedding in Stanley Park in June, and my wife caught a guy with a backpack trying to walk away with my camera bag. This guy is a serial thief!

  • Don Tusk

    Turn off your goddamn computer and live your precious life.

  • SDP

    If he had insurance and most of his cameras on him on the day by the looks of things then its not a huge problem just a set back. at least he has two bodies, a 24-70 2.8 and a 70-200 2.8 lens plus a flash.

  • Rollei666

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  • D.G. Brown

    It’s all context. If you watch the whole thing, you see the guy walking around, casing it for much of the video. I imagine they put up the whole clip in case anything sees any additional clues.

    Put differently, I have a feeling they’re more concerned with catching that guy than they are with the entertainment value of the clip (or the inconvenience it may cause someone who just wants to watch someone steal something).

  • eldri

    wow incoherent much?

  • Rollei666

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  • ijujiu

    ONLY IN AMERICA. hahahahah dumb asses

  • G

    Why did they not show him take the bags? Why did the view change to zoomed? On the wider angle he could surely be seen take the bags?

  • Steve

    Because we can’t understand a word you’re saying…

  • Steve

    This is in CANADA, dumbass.

  • Cochese

    Under the bridge… Ohhh under the bridge. Life is wetter, but certainly not better… Under the bridge!

  • Cochese

    They zoomed in so you can see him taking the case (singular). It happens just before the 5:30 mark just to the left of center and in the background.

  • chphotovideo

    wait… professional photographers of AMERICA doesnt offer stuff to Canada?? *chuckle*

  • Vala Grenier

    He can do a serial number search on the web to see if anyone has posted pics from an camera bodies in the bag. And I really liked the officiant’s speech and the vows.

  • Djalma Reis

    Thank you, sir.