external Why AP Photographer Jerome Delay Uses Only One Lens —The New York Times

Jerome Delay has been on a quest for simplicity while covering some of the most important stories in Africa for The Associated Press. For the last year he has relied almost exclusively on one camera, and one lens, a 50-millimeter F1.4.

Limiting himself to a single lens, he says, imposes a rigorous discipline. It also has other advantages: when people see him photographing with a simple lens, they are rarely threatened and, he finds, don’t take him seriously.

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  • harumph

    Cool. But for what Delay shoots, I personally can’t imagine not wanting to change it up to a 35mm at least every now and then. I know he said he doesn’t care for the distortion, but 50mm gets pretty tight at times when shooting these sort of scenes.

  • Ilkka

    Experienced photographer should know that the distortion doesn’t come from the lens but from the shooing distance. If you take a closeup portrait with a 50 it distorts.