Humorous Ad Paints an Accurate Picture of Smartphone Photo Culture

If you’ve been to a play or other event put on by your child’s elementary school recently, you might have experienced something similar to what the Nokia ad above depicts. Meant to tout the prowess of the Lumia 1020, it does a better job at showing just how close we’ve gotten to ridiculous when it comes to smartphone photography.

The whole point of the ad is that everybody in the auditorium has to fight to get a decent picture of their kid on stage, because your typical smartphone cam just can’t do its job if you’re even a couple of rows back.

Immediately, everybody starts fighting to crawl over one another, and even though the ad purposely dips into the ridiculous, there are some eerily accurate aspects to the commercial. For one, not a single person in the audience is actually watching the kids… they’re all watching their phones.


In the end, the point is that the Lumia 1020 owner was fortunate enough to avoid the melee because he’s got 41-megapixels to work with (no mention of the 12 rows of cell phones in front of him that would have blocked his shot unless he was 7 feet tall… but we digress).

The sad fact is that if you go to just about any performance, you’re likely to be greeted by a sea of twinkling smartphones between you and the stage. Maybe having a 41MP smartphone would help in that scenario… then again, what if you just watched the show?

Check out the video at the top to get a little laugh this Labor Day, and pay attention at the next event you go to. You might find some of the ridiculous characters in the ad (e.g. the panorama guy) frequently make appearances in real life.

(via Fstoppers)

  • Jeremy Madore

    Except it leaves out the most important part:

  • Norshan Nusi

    Google Glass users will still put on their glasses :P

    And Nokia really mocks Iphone commercial….must they remind that everytime..?

  • someguy

    Quite funny.

    Unless you start you think for a moment.

  • The_Nexus

    It’s like every wedding I have ever shot in the last 5 years. . .

  • mary

    Omg people want pictures. Get over it. I don’t need anyone policing me and telling me to put down my camera and live in the moment, especially if I am considerate of others and don’t get in the way.. Stop monitoring others and you live in the moment yourself.

  • Denith McNicolls

    Sigh. Truth.

  • Piotrek Ziolkowski

    I agree with you. I want pictures myself. Than again, some people don’t won’t pictures, should we get over it?

  • David Vaughn

    I can’t live in the moment if others are so busy not living in the moment and ruining my moment. Nobody’s telling you to put down your camera. That would be dumb. They’re saying that consideration for others and appreciation for your child is probably more important than getting a “totes adorable” photo for Facebook. Just because you have some sort of affirmation complex where your self-worth is measured by the amount of likes you get on a FB post doesn’t mean you have to infringe on others.

    Now, if you are considerate then good for you. Take all the photos you want. I don’t care.

  • Alicia

    2007 called, it wants its camera phone back! FTW

  • myrna652

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