external Sony Will Supposedly Call Its Revolutionary Lens Camera ‘EspressOn’ —BGR


A few more details and a name have leaked for Sony’s upcoming lens cameras. According to BGR, the smartphone attachable cameras will be called EspressOn. They’ll communicate with the phone via bluetooth and both versions will come with a microphone, tripod mount, dedicated shutter button, multifunctional jack, zoom lever and a display panel for battery and memory.

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  • Marc Weisberg

    I saw a prototype of this at WPPI many years ago. It may be someone else who developed it an sold it to them or not. But was blown away. At the time, it transmitted the image to another device too. Truly revolutionary idea and highly portable.

  • JimmyTsunami

    So, it’s an “interchangeable-display point-and-shoot semi-compact camera”? Did I miss anything to describe this thing?

  • Norshan Nusi

    So now it kinda look and sounds like coffee.