Day Care Workers Fired for Making Fun of Children Through Instagram Photos


Instagram can be a force for good. For example, the hashtag and Instagram account #litterati has encouraged thousands to pick up trash they find on the street. But as with most tools, it can also do harm, and a couple of day care workers in Virginia recently used the service to those ends, losing their jobs in the process.

According to WAVY, Instagram user @mz_oneofakind — later identified as Jena Ferrel — and her manager at the Heavenly Haven Childcare center in Newport News, Virginia were caught last week posting mocking photos of young children to Ferrel’s Instagram account.

The photo that originally started everything was one of 2-year-old Ethan Jordan sitting in a high chair he no longer needs to use and looking miserable under the caption “I’m sick of this s***!!!” In the comments section of the photo, Ferrell and her manager make fun of Ethan, who has delayed speech development, saying “he is thinking cuz sure can’t talk.”

Other photos included one that mocked a child’s overbite by comparing it to the character Mater from the animated movie Cars.

When Ethan’s mother Melissa saw the photo, she immediately got in touch with the daycare center and the media, getting both Ferrel and her manager fired for violating the company’s privacy policy and prompting The Virginia Department of Social Services to launch an investigation into the incident.

Ferrel’s Instagram account has since been taken down, and the center has apologized to Jordan, but no apology is forthcoming from Ferrel. “Maybe I would be a little bit more understanding [if she apologized], like OK, it was an inappropriate joke,” she told CNN. “But that hasn’t even happened.”

(via CNN)

  • Geethanja

    Just a joke.

  • Sid Ceaser

    Heavenly Haven Childcare. Sounds like some kind of weird sitcom name.

  • 5353534

    well deserved….

  • Tom Waugh

    Young Ethan may have delayed speech development, but it seems that the two teachers have spelling difficulties.

  • 9inchnail

    As long as it’s not your kid, right?

  • Brian Zuzulock

    A joke at the expense of any 2 year old is pathetic and anyone who would defend these actions are just as bad (whether they are simply a troll or not). People need to be held accountable for this kind of nonsense and I have no remorse for the employee who was fired. Social Media seems to destroy people’s sense of morality and common sense.

  • Margie Belleza

    The moment u entrusted ur child in a certain institution u r at peace that ur child is in good hands. Ure not paying for them juz to make fun of ur child!. The child deserves all the right that was due for him.

  • Zack

    Having an adult make fun of you can be pretty hurtful when you’re a kid. Glad those responsible got fired, but did they really have to release the kid’s full name? The whole idea behind the workers being fired was that they breached privacy by making fun of him on social media. Isn’t blasting his name on the news kind of doubling down on the problem?

  • Morrighan

    I cannot believe that an adult would even consider making fun of a two year old. What is wrong with you. Children are defenseless it breaks my heart that someone would do this to a child. These people need a new line of work, what kind of compassion and humanity do you have? Grow up.

  • Morrighan

    I do not find making fun of children in a cruel demeaning way funny.

  • Robert Johnson

    I have seen teachers do this on FB often too. Sad.

  • Barkingghost

    Several years back a chain daycare center had an incident in which they put a child in a closet as punishment. I remember altering the name of the daycare by just a little and referred to it as Le Petite Nightmare Academy.

    Some people just get their jollies by torturing children. I think they need to be publicly flogged.

  • Dave

    English please!

  • Margie Belleza

    Ewan syo!!! Do u think ive written it in spanish? Helloww!!!!

  • QuahogStewie

    No letter Y on your keyboard?

  • Margie Belleza

    As long as you understand it there is no need of questioning. Now satisfied with my “Y”? Btw, is letter Y the subject of this topic? Come on!

  • Margie Belleza


  • QuahogStewie

    I see you got your Y fixed but now your caps-lock key is stuck!

  • Mia

    People are really stupid. You need to think before you act. There are consequences to every action.

  • Mia

    I agree.

  • Mia

    Geethanja – You have a sick sense of humor.

  • Alsvalia

    There is no excuse for bad spelling. In the Middle East and in countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan, children like Malala are being shot for wanting to go to school. In the civilized world, we start taking pride in being illiterate idiots who find nothing wrong about mutilating the English language…