Biiwatch: A Wireless Smartphone Camera Remote for Your Wrist


French smartphone device startup SmartMobilAccessoire is working on a new product called the Biiwatch. It’s a watch-like device that’s worn around the wrist, but instead telling you the time, it’s designed to let you tell your smartphone when to snap a photo.

The startup says that this upcoming device is “the first iPhone wristhand remote control for photo and video.” If you find yourself constantly out and about, the accessory will give you an easy way of triggering your camera’s shutter without having to touch the phone itself (perhaps you’re at a distance, or perhaps you have the phone mounted to your head… or something).

One useful use case is if you have your phone encased in a protective housing that makes it difficult or impossible to trigger the shutter physically. Communication between the watch and an iPhone 4S or 5 is achieved wireless via Bluetooth.

On the “watch” are two buttons: a shutter button for snapping photos or starting/stopping video recording, and a mode changing button that lets you toggle between photo and video modes.


There are also two LED lights that can indicate different things: showing whether you’re in photo or video mode (green/orange flashing), telling you when your smartphone isn’t paired with the device (blue constant/flashing light), and telling you if there are issues or if battery is low (red light).

SmartMobilAccessoire is designing the device to be durable, as it’s both waterproof and shockproof.

Here’s a video showing the watch controlling an iPhone camera remotely:

The Biiwatch is currently in the prototype testing stages. You can follow along with progress and find out more information over on its official Facebook page.

(via Biiwatch via The Phoblographer)

  • this is borderline ridiculous

    so its a remote shutter?
    of which im forced to wear on my wrist?

  • Espen Johansen

    Nice, beacause I’ve always found tapping the screen on my phone so difficoult…just one more of those products that solves a problem that doesn’t exist…

  • Sarpent

    It seems to me that a better remote release location would be on a ring where it would only take one hand to release the shutter. Also, I’d lose the red. Perhaps it’s available in other colors (unclear from their website), but I’m guessing it’s best to not use a color that screams “look at this” even when it’s not in use.

  • David Liang

    Agreed. So they’re making this thing shock proof, waterproof etc. but what about the phone? What use is a trigger if the camera can’t follow? And I neither the description nor the images are showing this thing to have a watch function.

  • RioRyan

    This seems like an incredibly ugly, bulky solution to a problem nobody has. And it’s not the first wrist remote control. If you really want to do this, the Pebble smartwatch can do it. And it’s also waterproof. And also a watch

  • Biiwatch

    Espen Johansen If you use Optrix, Miveu or Hitcase, Biiwatch is the better add-on accessory because with the wrist remote control and just on finger, you could shoot video, stop it and switch on photo If you need.

    Go Pro has a remote control too since at least 1 year. For what? Because, the bracelet remote control gives more safety for you.

    Biiwatch is for the group photos with the family, friends, the girl friend, the boy friend or simply if you need to make the surprises photos with the dog, the cat etc

  • Espen Johansen

    I completely respect your product, but I’m a product designer myself, and as I’m sure you do as well, thereby have the sometimes annoying sideeffect that I can’t look at a product without questioning it’s form and function.

    The main difference between shooting with a GoPro and a phone, is that a GoPro is a product more or less made to be placed in odd locations. you might strap it to a helmet, to your snowboard, the exterior of your car etc. where the camera’s buttons are hard to reach. A phone is something the user like to have in hand or at least easy to get to, ready to answer a phonecall or a text. I thereby assume that most people use the camera in hand.

    And for the occational group photos, there’s camera timer apps you can download that delays the photo being shot long enough that you can go back to the crowd and join in on the picture.

    So for me, this boils down to a product that makes it possible to lay your camera on the floor, wait for the cat to explore this novelty, and admittedly possibly get a great photo from a unusual point of view. Would I buy it for that reason? Well…I don’t have a cat ;)

    I really like the fact that people like you are willing to try out new stuff and push the world as we know it further, but again, this product, for me personally, solves a problem I don’t have.

  • Biiwatch

    Look at Muku Shutter on Kickstater. It’s secret, I tell you, Biiwatch is more better than this product for many reasons. Bracelet, autonomy (at least 6 months with Bluetooth Low Energy), leds to indicate people if you shoot video (orange), photo (green), when you switch, when Iphone and Biiwatch are connected etc

    I realy appreciate your implication. Everything you say is true and I agree about all.

    I summarize that your point of view: innovation depends the people requirements. That’s true.

    Question is: who could use Biiwatch, the first bracelet remote control for photo and video?

    This is Dave message, the futur Biiwatch addict I hope “I was recently saying to friends that the weak point for housings such as the Optrix is that there is no remote control for the iPhone. I think the biiwatch would be a great tool. “

    When you do surf, skateboard, etc you don’t need to read or receive mail, sms, or any notification. You’re focused with your activity. If you like to shoot a greats photos and videos, you need Biiwatch.

    With Biiwatch, you could create a studio-video when you play video-game to share this greats moments to your friends etc

    About, Go Pro doesn’t linked with the socials networks and the smartphone functional ergonomy is more better for you, for me, for everybody than Go Pro. And Go Pro is expensive and Go Pro needs the smartphone to share your greats photos and videos.

    If you need to move and shoot video or photo in the same time with your smartphone: you need Biiwatch.

    In your car for an other example, you set the Optrix at the front and with Biiwatch, you could shoot any photo and video in safety.

    Biiwatch allows to control exactly when you shoot/stop video, shoot photo and switch video-photo and photo-video.

    About the design, I understand your opinion. Don’t’ worried about that, the design will be the best and we are open to improve it because we work with a great Canadian designer.

    Biiwatch is yet a prototype and we prepare a many good surprises for you, for people.

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