external “This Is What It Looks like Just Before The Muslim Brotherhood Jumps You”

— Aymann Ismail at ANIMAL


The tagger has me in a headlock, so I have my camera in a headlock too. “Erase the pictures, erase the pictures right NOW,” he screams in Arabic. It hit me then that I was fucked. I did exactly what my family told me not to do and exactly what they warned me about was now happening. Worse yet, I know how this story ends.

“Smash it!” the mob chants. With the camera in a death grip, I scroll through his photos in the viewfinder, deleting them all one by one. “I erased them!” I scream back, “There are no photos!” He lets go and hurries back to tag the rest of the church doors. Someone yells, “He’s a spy!” and “He copied the pictures from the card to the camera!” Wait, what?

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  • bob cooley

    I knew where this was going (recovery wise) as soon as he started deleting images from the card – but still a great telling – and a great lesson in knowing your gear.

    Glad you got out okay!