external “Picture This: Is There Life After Photoshop?” —BBC News

Here’s what Saulius Dailide, the co-founder of Pixelmator, says about the future of Photoshop and image editing:

“Adobe is Photoshop. Everything else at Adobe is less than great in quality or is outdated, with a few exceptions. I think there is a huge opportunity for developers like us to come up with the next generation of image editing software of all kinds. One thing for sure – it won’t be bloatware.

Surpassing Photoshop in features is easy – it would take two years. The thing is that no one wants another Photoshop with thousands of features. An image editing app without that many features is a tricky thing.

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  • KyleDeas

    I guess the “with a few exceptions” must include Lightroom; I’m usually not a fan of Adobe products, but Lightroom is exceptional. And it must be the market leader, right? It has no big competitors except Aperture, which Apple hasn’t updated in three years.

  • Jeremy Madore

    I’m sorry, but as a full-time photographer and a small business owner – perhaps even more importantly sole bread-winner for 4 people – I still cannot agree with this whole synopsis of monthly subscription being too costly. I use Illustrator and InDesign for my album and design layouts, Lightroom for the bulk of my editing and of course Photoshop for my heavy stuff. The price I’d pay for the latest and greatest of those programs far outweighs what I can subscribe for. Now, I’m looking to add some diversity to my business by incorporating some very light video work into some of my weddings (fusion approach) and I know that Premiere/After Effects will be a workhorse for me at no additional charge.

    I find their products to be well developed… hell, even “Great Quality” with very few exceptions!

  • pxlcruncher

    That “article” reads like an advertisement for Pixelmator.

    Everything else is outdated? I don’t see that. Everyone uses Illustrator for vector work, Premiere is a great alternative to Final Cut, there are several companies whose full time job is to make plugins and scripts for After Effects. The new subscription model allows people who before would just use PS to try their hand at other packages, and that’s a good thing.

  • bob cooley

    Hmm. Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver – I’d like to see him name comparable products that even come close to being as well developed or as advanced. Lightroom has some competition, but its a major part of my workflow.

    If you want an imaging app with fewer features, there’s always Photoshop Elements…

  • pete n pete

    Try iPhoto… might fit your needs.