external “Marketing Advice to Olympus, From a Hobby Photographer”

— Mark Ryan Sallee at Medium

Expensive advertising campaigns may help with the education, but that’s not what I recommend. There’s lots Olympus needs to do before hiring Ashton Kutcher. (Bonus: It’s cheaper and more productive.)

Branding: Simplify. Camera models: Reduce. Lens line: Rename. Merchandizing: Organize. Workflow: Evolve.

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  • Scott

    I disagree that the majority of these suggestions would make any substantial difference to M4/3 success. Changing the lens names, branding, or reducing range size is pointless. The truth of marketing is that more money spent(more exposure) directly equates to more sales, and the percentage increase from the marketing spend is determined by the campaigns ability to reach it’s potential buyers. The best thing Olympus could do would be put knowledgeable sales reps on the floor of all good/busy camera stores for a few days or weeks, with an Om-d and a Pen Ep-5 to let customers have a trial of the camera, and the rep should also have a large top quality poster print handy so people can see what the camera can do in terms of image quality. Then get each person to enter a competition to win a camera by liking the olympus facebook page or something, and hopefully to get them discussing the system. Dslr uses who had a chance to trial this camera system would certainly consider it as a carry around option, and others as a primary option.