We Are Unlike You is a Modeling Agency that Looks for Characters, Not Models


When the term model is thrown around, there’s a fairly typical image that probably comes to mind for most people. In the male department, six-pack abs or a clean-cut look might fit the bill. And the female department more often than not involves the descriptors tall and slender.

Modeling agency We Are Unlike You isn’t interested in any of that. Like the UGLY MODELS agency we shared with you a little over a year ago, they are more interested in representing unique “characters.”

The agency is based out of Berlin, and according to the description on their website, they “don’t just offer tremendous looking individuals, but real characters who don’t just look the part, they feel and act it too. Because it’s simply who they are.”


Their roster of models is selected from among “professional burlesque performers, drag-acts, dancers, musicians, cabaret artists, and stand up comedians” whose style is 100% unique.

The hope is that the models themselves will act as inspiration for the photographers who may want to put them in front of the camera: “We want to inspire photographers, creatives, casting and booking agents to create images, develop stories and ideas that will feel as passionate, quirky and authentic as our people.”

To find out more about this quirky modeling agency and browse through the myriad characters they represent, head over to We Are Unlike You website by clicking here.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • TheWebsiteIsDown

    Site is down

  • YaHri AcuNa

    Totally love the idea that there is a company that shares the unique individuals that otherwise are considered outcast. I love meeting ppl that r just down to earth and have no shame in expressing themselves!!

  • E go

    Its funny how punk rockers spend hours in front of the mirror to develop their “style”

  • DafOwen

    Not the only one of their kind.
    But they are the largest

  • John Sluder

    well the under 40 ones, the older ones moved on…

  • Antonio Carrasco

    That whole “people with tattoos are outcasts” thing is so 20 years ago. Tattoos are so mainstream now that it’s like “oh boy, another chick with full sleeves, how original, yawn…”

  • Caitlyn Chapman

    yeah I agree peeps with tattoos aren’t really outcast anymore BUT they’re certainly not desired in the ‘normal’ modeling industry where a model is supposed to be more like a blank slate… cool to see this!