Andy Warhol’s 1986 SX-70 Polaroid Land Camera Selling on eBay for $50,000


Iconic artist Andy Warhol is a legend in the arts community. The Andy Warhol Museum — which contains a massive archive of his creations — is actually the largest US museum dedicated to a single artist.

But one thing the museum doesn’t have that you could — assuming you have about $50K in spare change hidden under you couch cushions — is Andy Warhol’s personal SX-70 Polaroid Land Camera.

The camera went up on eBay last month (most likely to coincide with the late artist’s birthday, which passed on August 6th) courtesy of the Revolver gallery in California.


Given that Warhol died in 1987, he didn’t get a chance to use the camera for long. But according to the description, it was “last used at the Limelight nightclub in Manhattan in 1986″ before Warhol gave it as a gift to his friend Baird Jones.

Chances are the collector who picks it up won’t be putting it to use — after all, it hasn’t been used since 1986 — but it’s quite possible the camera still works and could take photos.

So, if you have 50 grand to spend and want to be known as either the guy who owns Andy Warhol’s Polaroid camera, the guy who uses Andy Warhol’s Polaroid camera or both, check out the full eBay listing and make an offer.

(via PopPhoto)

  • Mak Wa

    How can you be sure it’s genuine, the ebayer has a “0” feedback rating.

  • Four Letter Nerd

    A claim of provenance is not provenance.

  • Zos Xavius

    Is this even authentic? I have serious doubts. A picture of him holding a SX-70 is not really enough to tie him to the camera if you ask me. Also the seller claims to run an e-bay store selling collectibles and yet has 0 feedback. Massive red flags all around. I have a friend that has Ken Rockwell’s D3. I wonder how much that is worth…. :P

  • Zhemin

    Ken Rockwell’s D3 is worth less then then other D3’s because its been used by an NEWB!! ;”D

  • mary

    Who would want that perv’s grimy camera?

  • Zos Xavius

    But he uses P for PROFESSIONAL!

  • Zos Xavius

    Furthermore “Warhol and Jones began working together promoting events and gallery shows during the 1980’s in the up-and-coming East Village arts scene. Included in this lot are reproduction flyers for events collaborated on as well as reprint period photographs of Warhol and Jones. Accompanied by a letter signed by Baird Jones stating this camera was owned by Warhol and subsequently gifted to Jones. 7 by 4 inches, enclosed. PROVENANCE From the Baird Jones Estate. ”

    0 Ebay feedback. Yeah. Good luck with that. Too bad they won’t take lowball offers. I see several have tried.

  • Pen Island

    Mapplethorpe would. Go check him out, mary

  • theaweful truth

    idiotic nonsense……..and F warhole anyway