Sigur Ros Collects Crowdsourced Photos and Clips for New Music Video

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Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Ros has turned to Instagram to create its latest music video, encouraging fans to upload clips that can be melded into an evolving visual interpretation of the song “Stormur.”

Fans simply need to tag a photo or video clip (preferred) with “#stormur,” and it ends up (with the creator credited) in the continually updated media pool that feeds the online video page for the song.

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The band notes that the song’s title is Icelandic for “strong gale,” so it might be nice to take that into account, but apparently strict thematic adherence is not required. Recent renditions of the project show everything from abstract lines of color to dashboard views. Cat videos are even acceptable, and feel free to go wild with filters.

Active since 1994, Sigur Ros is known for ethereal rock/art confections dominated by the haunting falsetto vocals of Jonsi Birgisson, who often sings in a self-made language whose words lack specific meanings.

(via Pitchfork)

  • PickaName

    So, video clip for free. Sigur Ros keeps the money while others are left with fame only.

  • Don Tusk

    “Icelandic abstract pop band Sigur Ros” < pop band ! wtf ! Sigur Rós is icelandic post-rock band !

  • Yawn

    So? Everybody happy.

    Except for the ‘pro’s’ that actually aren’t good enough to make money so their time time complaining about stuff like this.

  • Jake

    I think as long as everyone submitting their [by the looks of it, mostly unsellable anyway] pictures is aware that they aren’t being paid, then nobody except copyright nazis like you care who’s getting paid.

    It’s a fun way for a band to interact with their fanbase, and as a huge fan of Sigur Ros, I’d contribute too if I had Instagram because I’d rather have fame than $20.

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks Don :)