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Instagram is turning some very young people into Internet celebrities. 5-year-old Alonso Mateo is one of the best-dressed kids you’ll ever meet, and his Instagram account now has over 40,000 followers. Business Insider has a roundup of the child stars of Instagram.

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  • Saddened

    I feel sorry for this kid. When your life starts out with a pretty clear message that it is most important that you look impeccable all the time, and people will love you for it, it will surely end in a purely superficial life without a single genuine human relationship.

  • pizza4D

    Poor kid, his parents are using him as their hipster fashion doll. He looks like he is their toy, instead of them dressing up and taking hip selfies, they make him pose all the time. In 5-10 years he will be the age when he will want to use the internet on his own and there will already be hundreds of pictures of him that he might not be happy about, but he won’t be able to decide anymore if he actually wants these photos of him floating around.
    Parents can and should make decisions on their children’s behalf, but not about whether they want their photos published for the whole world to see.