Simulate Virtual Lighting Setups for Less with the New set.a.light 3D BASIC


Back in May, we shared a useful and interesting program called set.a.light 3D STUDIO. The software allowed users to test out lighting setups digitally in a virtual studio, saving them the time and effort of testing them out in real life.

If you liked the idea behind set.a.light STUDIO but not the price tag — and you don’t mind a few restrictions — elixxier’s new set.a.light 3D BASIC might be right up your alley.

The software itself performs the same basic function: you can set up and test studio lighting setups in a digital environment with mannequins, and the results should be very similar to what you’ll get when you actually do the shoot. The differences between the two amount to a few fewer features and a price drop:


Unlike STUDIO, BASIC will only allow you to use up to five lights at a time, you’re limited to three pre-selected room sizes, and the final test shots will all be watermarked. It might seem like a lot to give up, but you haven’t heard the good news: Whereas STUDIO will cost you 140 Euro (~$185), BASIC will only run you 40 Euro (or about $53).

As with its more expensive big brother, you can try BASIC for free for 15-days, assuming you’re okay with giving elixxier your name and e-mail.

For more info on the product, the differences, or to try/buy it for yourself, head over to elixxier’s website by clicking here.

(via Lighting Rumours)

  • oh Henry

    I love the idea of a dedicated app for this purpose. Though the price seems a little steep.

    I’ve been using DAZ Studio – as well as C4D, Blender and a few others for the same purpose. Once set up its a breeze to pull up a scene and make changes.

    DAZ Studio and Blender are free. And are a fully functional 3D app so…?
    C4D is just bad ass though costs is so easy to set up scenes in.

    To each his own I guess. I do like the idea of a dedicated app though as stated. And if the 3D apps are to complicated , this may be your cup of tea.

  • airadam

    Just bought this, looks excellent – having all those lighting modifiers built in will allow some really good experimentation before I go out buying things I don’t need!

  • Alexander Koval

    Hi Henry,

    disclaimer: I work for elixxier Software.

    yes you could use the other 3D programs for recreating light and Blender is a wonderful tool we use a lot as well. All our models are done with Blender.

    It is great that you are already doing all this with other programs. That shows us at least that there is a need for it. Would be great to see some of your creations.

    The problem with the light you set in normal 3D programs is, that it is not physically correct. You can not really simulate all the shadow characteristics of a light modifier. So there is no realistic representation of what the image will look like in the end.

    We spend two years developing a method to measure the light characteristics of the modifier and transforming this into an algorithm. Doing the calculation in realtime for area lights has not been done before in the photo industry. So the shadow fall off in the software will be the same as in real life.

    I hope I could clarify this a bit for you. Try our trail version for 15 days. I would really like to know what you thing.



  • Oskarrrrrrrrr

    Blender!!! For free!!!

  • Nate

    That is fine and all but you’re program is visually inferior and I still cannot get a good idea of the lighting, only a general idea. To me, this is not good enough although I love the idea behind the software and the idea of accurate lighting. But lighting and falloff and mathematics are only part of it. All that is no good if there is not proper interaction with the materials and subjects on which it falls.

    I have an idea which I would LOVE to see come to be: please work with DAZ 3d and create Daz 3d packs we could buy to simulate light setups and generate PDF files for the shoot day. I want Daz 3d light packs created by you that are accurate and true with interchangable, realistic light modifiers, reflectors, etc. Special, accurate ambient lighting and a photo studio. Please listen, I would defenitely buy it.