external Kodak CEO Antonio Perez to Step Down in 2014 —USA Today

Antonio Perez, who oversaw Eastman Kodak Co. during one of the most trying periods in company history, will be stepping down from the position by fall 2014 at the outside.

The Rochester-based printing and imaging company said Tuesday night that Perez will serve as CEO of the company once it exits from bankruptcy, but only until a successor is named or for a year, whichever comes first. He then would serve as a consultant for up to two years.

It’d be interesting to know what Perez’s popularity rating is like inside and outside Kodak.

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  • ramanauskas

    I guess that means he’s squeezed about all the money he could out of Kodak. Keep a look out for where he lands next–a great short-selling opportunity.

  • Soldak

    I can’t imagine who or what company would hire him as a “consultant.” Sales pitch: “Oh, you want your company to not make any money, downsize to the point of almost non-existence, and sell off any lucrative patents that you may have for next to nothing…then I’m your man….where do I sign.”