CyanogenMod Unleashes Its Own Camera App Called Focal


CyanogenMod, the popular Android firmware replacement installed on over 5.6 million devices, has announced a powerful new camera app to replace the stock camera app that ships with Android. It’s called Focal, and is the first leg of a new development project called “Nemesis.”

Nemesis is an effort to replace features in the mobile operating system that could use some updating. Focal is a complete revamp of the old camera experience, and is loaded with features that both casual and advanced photographers will love.

Android Police reports that the look and feel of Focal is very similar to the stock Android camera app:


All the features found in the stock app are still present in Focal. Slide out the capture icon, and you’ll see familiar options: Front-Facing, Picsphere, Video, Panorama, and Photo.

What does Focal have that the default app doesn’t? Well, a whole lot. Look through the various features and options, and you’ll be delighted to see all kinds of new goodies. These include flash mode customization, white balancing, scene modes, color effects, exposure adjustments, color enhancements, exposure metering mode (frame average, spot metering, and weighted point), ISO sensitivity selection, burst mode, and timer.

Settings offered include widgets seletion, auto enhancement, an exposure ring, and image size.


Here are a couple “first look” videos of the new app by Android Police and Geek:

Android Police says that Focal may appear in CyanogenMod nightly builds starting as soon as this weekend, so keep your eye on the firmware if you’d like to be among the first to get your shutter finger on Focal.

(via CyanogenMod via Android Police and Geek)

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Image credits: Screenshots by Android Police

  • 3ric15

    Thanks, I’ll definitely be checking for updates on my S2.


    Hopefully it will save a completely awful HTC ONE’s camera. Boy if I knew that this phone’s camera is so terrible… Sad face here.

  • gabba

    “Since we’re shooting at night let’s use ISO 100″ uh might want to try 1600.

  • Peng Tuck Kwok

    Sometimes ISO 1600 is a valid option. Sometimes it isn’t.

  • Graf Almassy

    I hope they will release the app standalone. I don’t want to use CM ROMs, but this camera app looks great!

  • Afterpoe (CR)

    Hi, it seems that Samsung doesnt support exposure ring. Is there any option to fix this stupid absence? We tested Focal on Galaxy S2 and S4 and there is no such option revealed. Is this releated to hardware or software? I dont using camera because without exposure ring is every capturing very frustrating. Do you know anyone more about that problem on Samsung devices? I like Focal, its great app, but without this second ring its worthless for me.-((((