external Pentax Ricoh to Offer Customization Service for the Ricoh GR —


It appears that Pentax is rubbing off on Ricoh. The latter brand will soon be offering a new customization service for photographers who want to change the look of their all black Ricoh GR. You’ll be able to change the look of the top cover, lens barrel, shutter button, and grip (shown above).

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  • Rabi Abonour

    They should have gone into partnership with Hasselblad to do this.

  • MS

    To me, the Ricoh GR is all about minimalism. They always looked stealthy and made a name for themselves in the streets. These flashy bits seem wrong to me. But to each his own I guess..

  • pizza4D

    The page is called DigiCame Watch (or DigiCam Watch, from デジカメ Watch), not “”. Why do so many sites write that, is it so difficult to read the tag?!