external “No Answers Yet in Arrest That Never Should Have Happened”

— Paul Anger at Detroit Free Press

Ten days ago, about two dozen Free Press department heads were assembled in a conference room. I was making a presentation when Photo-Video Director Kathy Kieliszewski appeared at the door, waving at me to stop the meeting. I figured this wasn’t going to be good news, and it wasn’t: Mandi Wright, a staff photographer, had been arrested.

I couldn’t believe it. Mandi Wright? She’s 47, been a professional journalist for 17 years (13 with the Free Press) — an Emmy Award-winning photographer who had never had an incident, an experienced pro who knows what she can do and what she can’t.

The Detroit Free Press‘ editor sheds some more light on the arrest of photojournalist Mandi Wright. Our previous coverage can be found here.

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