external Leaked Photo Shows Hasselblad Stellar Box and Strap —Photo Rumors


Hasselblad is about to launch its new Stellar compact camera — a souped up version of the $650 Sony RX100 that’ll cost $1,000+ more. Turns out you get more than a fancy custom handgrip with the Stellar: it’ll also likely come with a nice leather strap and a nice box. Yay! (Update: More photos of the camera have emerged.)

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  • MMielech

    No doubt the discerning owners of the Leica Monochrome camera will be first in line to spend their cash.

  • MS

    Are you being sarcastic? How is this rebranded sony x100 anything like a Leica Monochrom?

  • klauskokholmpetersen

    Even though the RX100 is a nice camera, this is still a gilded turd.

  • MMielech

    um, yes, I’m being sarcastic.

  • Stanco55

    You’re leaving out the vial of white powder within the padding- along with the complimentary escort service coupon.

  • Sid Ceaser

    What is wrong at Hasselblad? What’s going on? It’s like watching a friend drink himself to death.

  • Nate Davis

    Is it just me, or is that rather hideous?

  • Sascha Kleinwächter

    Wow! Ugly. Looks like kindergarten handcrafting. The grip looks like stolen from a carnival gun toy.