external “Can Photojournalism Survive in the Instagram Era?” —Mother Jones

Renowned photography theorist Fred Ritchin says that photojournalists must “innovate or die”:

There is enormous need for professionals who know how to tell stories with narrative punch and nuance, who can work proactively and not just reactively, and whose approach is multi-faceted. We need more “useful photographers.” Given today’s budgets for journalism, my guess is that quite a few photographers will be fired in the near future. But I certainly hope that many visual journalists will be hired or funded along the way as well—we urgently need their perspectives.

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  • Scott

    No. It can’t, at least not in the form it has been for the last fews decades. Just look at the new nokia 40mpix phone, when everyone has this type of thing newspapers will just hire graphic designers and retouchers to maximise the free or cheap public photos available, If a few hundred people shoot a newsworthy event on their phone, at least a handful will incidentally capture a good shot. The writers will also increasingly shoot AND pen the story, which is currently happening, poorly, but the standards will no doubt improve over time. If I were a photojournalist and I wanted to keep my job for the next 20 years I would learn to write articles and shoot and edit video. 90% of newspaper articles are written to a basic structure so that even the least educated people can understand them, almost anybody can write them, quality long form and specialist journalism is the exception to this. Revenue streams for most press outlets are diminishing, soon they will only want to hire people with multiple skill sets.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    Did stock photography survive the microstock era?

    There’s your answer :)